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Monitor Outside your Payments Hub with IR Prognosis

Over the past few years, the rapid increase in payment options available to consumers, like online transactions, contactless payments and mobile POS systems, has given them far more options than previously. And financial transactions have trended away from physical banking environments and moved into the realms of EFTs and ATMs.

But while consumers are happily spending money via electronic avenues, service providers have to rapidly assimilate and monitor an increasing array of payment methods or risk losing customers and going out of business. In other words, you need to monitor outside your payments hub to stay in business.

Prognosis performance management for optimized payments and transactions

Without a doubt, the emphasis for consumers is on fast transaction processing, so your business needs to offer consumers exactly what they want, even if those needs change over time. Choosing a performance management solution that not only works for you now, but one that grows with you as the payment environment continues to change is crucial. 

Prognosis gives you the power to monitor outside your payments hub and to create in essence, a unified payments environment that optimizes your transaction performance and minimizes your risk. This ability is even more essential in an environment of acquisitions and mergers, where businesses expand their operations and rapidly need to integrate and unify other payments environments. 

Prognosis solutions for payment management gives you the insight to reduce downtime, optimize service levels, maximize resource allocation and have the real-time visibility into your payments transactions that you need. Prognosis gives you the power to:

  • Set up customized alert notifications, so you are instantly aware of any breaches in service levels or fraudulent activities.
  • Call up thousands of diagnostic metrics, hidden deep within your infrastructure, generate detailed reports and set fixes in place immediately.
  • Optimize the performance of your ATM and POS environment, by accessing data on failed or denied transactions, downed links, inoperative ATMs and much more.

Prognosis performance management solutions give you the power to monitor outside your payments hub and flawlessly integrate management within your existing framework, giving you real time insight into today’s rapidly expanding, multiple payments ecosystem.

Prognosis monitors and troubleshoots Payment systems in real time

ACI Payments

Monitor ACI Payments

Optimize your ACI payments environment with Prognosis for Payments performance management solutions and take your business to the next level.


FIS Payments

Monitor FIS Payments

FIS Connex is one of the most used financial transaction software solutions in the world and the Prognosis ATM Transaction Manager was specifically designed to optimize this software.