Payments Application Monitoring

Payments Application Monitoring with Prognosis Performance Management Solutions

The rapid increase in cashless transactions and payments has resulted in an abundance of platforms across which businesses need to monitor and process payments

But often, a lack of real-time visibility into cardholder behavior, transaction profitability, fraud and risk prevention, as well as new technology investments can cause operational losses, as well as missed market opportunities.

Performance management specifically designed to give you complete real-time visibility into payments processors like ACI, FIS, other vendors and in-house developed payments systems provides a solution to this. Now you have the power and the control that you need to minimize risk and maximize performance across your entire payments network.

Prognosis can detect problems up to 93% faster

Detecting problems faster than your current products or techniques, will reduce downtime exposure which in turn will reduce customer frustration, minimize reputation loss, ensure SLAs are not breeched, and allow faster problem resolution.

  • Problem
  • Undetected transaction declines for 15mins
  • 200 Transactions Per Second for a POS payment processor
  • £420,000 worth in purchases each minute of declining transactions
  • Cost
    £6,300,000/15 min
  • Solution
  • Prognosis detects denials faster than before in just 1 min
  • Initiate correct action to fix the problem
  • Up to 93% faster problem detection
  • Prognosis Saved
    £5,859,000/15 min
  • Gives you real-time insight into the performance and throughput of ATM and POS environments.
  • Reduces fraud and operational risk with deep insight into your fraud detection systems.
  • Ensures maximum uptime of wholesale and payments networks with increased operational efficiency.
  • Minimizes expensive system and service outages.
  • Identifies and resolves transaction and infrastructure problems quickly.
  • Gives you the ability to drill deep within your infrastructure for extensive diagnostics on historical, current and predicted capacities.
  • Helps you gain high levels of customer satisfaction and reliability, allowing you to meet all of your SLAs.
  • Ensures a smooth migration when upgrading or migrating to different payments systems.
  • Integrates flawlessly with your existing framework, is user-friendly and accessible from a unified dashboard on any mobile device anywhere and anytime.

Prognosis monitors and troubleshoots Payment systems in real time

ACI Payments

Monitor ACI Payments

Optimize your ACI payments environment with Prognosis for Payments performance management solutions and take your business to the next level.


FIS Payments

Monitor FIS Payments

FIS Connex is one of the most used financial transaction software solutions in the world and the Prognosis ATM Transaction Manager was specifically designed to optimize this software.