ATM Monitoring Solution

Do you know exactly what’s going on at the ATM down the hall, round the corner or across the globe? How do you know if an ATM has run out of cash, is running slow or completely out of action? Prognosis for Payments tells you.

Real-time dashboards monitor and report on ATM status, automatically dispatching trouble tickets for powerful business-process management. Service personnel can acknowledge or update ticket status remotely, and third party service providers can update their estimated time of arrival, add ticket commentary or query the ATM status – all without human intervention.

Prognosis makes it easy to monitor the most important ATM problems and manage your ATMs proactively with the insight you need to run efficient operations.

Let Prognosis takes care of business

ATM Fleet Map

With Prognosis for Payments you can:

  • Remotely access and analyze all payment system transaction data
  • Optimize rules, streamline queues and flag overdue tickets
  • Analyze down times by ATM type, group or service provider
  • Access real-time data on availability, service times, transaction timeouts, underutilized ATMs, or BINS with excessive denials
  • Generate detailed reports on thousands of diagnostic metrics
  • Remotely reboot, update software and manage your entire ATM fleet from a single dashboard

Optimize ATM Monitoring with IR Prognosis for Payments

The combination of reduced ATM fees and an increasing reluctance by consumers to spend money, means that cost cutting and streamlining are the new buzz words in ATM management.

This makes it even more important to have a performance management solution in place that lets you manage your ATM fleet and payments network proactively, rather than reactively. 

As you’re likely to have a mix of ATMs, all with their own software, patches and add-ons, finding a strategy to manage all of these issues is a day-to-day, real world, management challenge. 

You also need to:

  • Ensure your entire mixed vendor ATM and CDM fleet is covered.
  • Monitor transactions, faults, application and infrastructure to detect events that can affect the ATM’s overall performance.
  • Obtain real time data on transactions, device drivers and cameras.
  • Integrate and manage a disparate mix of ATM software into your existing framework.
  • Identify bugs and conflicts proactively.
  • Monitor potential tampering at each ATM.
  • Identify when ATMs are down, low on cash or when transactions are denied.
  • Efficiently manage trouble tickets and resolve them fast.

If any of these problems resonate with you, then Prognosis payments management is designed to optimize your ATM management and payments network, and give you real time control of your entire fleet.

This is because Prognosis gives you the power to proactively manage your entire ATM fleet by giving you access to data that is vital to running an efficient operation. 

Prognosis monitors and troubleshoots Payment systems in real time

ACI Payments

Monitor ACI Payments

Optimize your ACI payments environment with Prognosis for Payments performance management solutions and take your business to the next level.


FIS Payments

Monitor FIS Payments

FIS Connex is one of the most used financial transaction software solutions in the world and the Prognosis ATM Transaction Manager was specifically designed to optimize this software.