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Users of Communication and Collaboration Applications Suffering in Silence

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New research finds only 62% of users are satisfied

DENVER, September 11, 2019 – IR, the leading global provider of experience management solutions for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems, today released new research conducted with independent research company GfK: Collaboration or Frustration: Using unified communication and collaboration (UCC) applications in the workplace. The research identified that IT Support teams are ill-equipped to support these critical applications resulting in lost employee productivity and low satisfaction.

The report features findings from a recent survey of employees from over 500 organizations who use UCC applications in their workplace. The research found that on average, only 62% of users are satisfied with UCC apps and that level of satisfaction differs significantly based on seniority level, with 82% of C-Suite users indicating they were satisfied compared to just 54% at a non-manager level.

“This research has identified that many employees are suffering in silence when it comes to problems with their UCC experience,” said Kevin Ryder, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at IR. “The bigger problem is that since organizations are not taking a proactive approach to monitoring and managing the operations and experience from the users point of view, CIO’s and IT teams may not even be aware that there are issues affecting large numbers of users and their productivity, as they lack tools such as IR Prognosis to ensure their user experience is smooth and problem free.”

Much of the dissatisfaction can be attributed to the poorly managed real-time communications functions of the apps such as voice and video. The top four issues identified by respondents were all related to system performance, including poor audio quality (25%), inability to connect (23%), insufficient internet connectivity (19%) and poor video quality (17%).

Additionally, the findings suggest that IT teams are ill-equipped to provide support to resolve issues with 40% not having access to UCC performance management tools. More than one in four respondents admitted they do not report between 75-100% of issues they encounter, largely due to a lack of faith in IT departments to solve problems in a timely manner, if at all.

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