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IR launches remote monitoring and management solution for collaboration spaces

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Key takeaways:

  • IR launches Collaboration Space Management as part of the IR Collaborate solution suite, in partnership with Utelogy.
  • This new solution expands Collaborate’s proactive monitoring capabilities, adding the convenience of remote, proactive management of UC platforms and devices in collaboration spaces.

Sydney, February 9, 2022 – IR, the leading global performance management and analytics provider for critical communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure, and payments ecosystems, has announced the launch of a collaboration space management solution as part of the IR Collaborate solution suite.

Collaboration Space Management expands the reach of IR Collaborate’s monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities into physical collaboration spaces. This new solution enables proactive monitoring and remote management of all conferencing-enabled collaboration spaces from a single solution, including the collaboration platforms and devices, to create a seamless, cohesive collaboration experience for users.

Collaboration spaces are essential components of modern workplaces, with hybrid ways of working increasing the need for more flexible collaborative spaces outside the typical meeting and conference room. According to Frost and Sullivan, video conferencing is projected to grow by five times by 2025, driven by the video enablement of collaboration spaces.

IR’s Collaboration Space Management solution helps organizations scale collaboration space management and maximize efficiency by:

  • Providing visibility and insight into devices, platforms, and equipment in collaboration spaces.
  • Allowing proactive remote maintenance to avoid preventable issues by keeping systems and software up-to-date.
  • Enabling rapid troubleshooting to identify and resolve the root-cause of collaboration space issues, ensuring consistent, high-quality collaboration experiences.
  • Automating room-readiness and minimizing wasted set-up time with self-healing triggers to ensure optimal settings.
  • Reporting on critical statistics such as space utilization, occupancy, and performance to help organizations adhere to health and safety requirements and provide insight into the usage of collaboration spaces.

“When outfitted with the right technology, collaboration spaces are hubs for teamwork, productivity, and creativity in the hybrid workplace. We know customers are demanding ways to manage these spaces more effectively, with one large, international media company purchasing this solution before we had even launched,” said John Ruthven, IR’s CEO. “As the collaboration landscape continues to broaden and evolve, this new solution will help many more customers simplify complexity and enable seamless collaboration experiences from anywhere.”

Combined with the ability to effectively manage multi-vendor UC environments from a single view, Collaboration Space Management further strengthens the IR Collaborate solution suite, enabling deeper end-to-end experience management. IR is uniquely positioned to simplify complexity for enterprise and service provider customers, ensuring they can deliver high-quality services to all users.

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