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COVID-19 Response - IR's Commitment to Business Continuity

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We would like to assure our customers and partners that we have a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place, that may be activated in the event of a major business disruption, like those currently being experienced in response to the evolving Coronavirus crisis.

IR fully realizes the critical nature of being able to continue operations during unforeseen incidents and these plans will allow us to maintain our operations and provide ongoing support to your business-critical areas and systems.

IR’s plans are intended to permit the continuation of key business operations during most types of disruptions by resuming critical operations, usually during the same business day as the disruption. To assist this business continuity IR maintains backup capabilities.

We are in close, regular contact with all our staff around the globe, including those working from customer and partner locations. As it currently stands, we are following the government guidance on best practice, which involves many of our staff members around the world working remotely as a means of self-isolation. But we continue to operate at a high capacity, providing support to our customers and partners, and we do not currently foresee any potential disruptions to our ability to maintain that support.

Customers and partners should be informed that due to the confidential and proprietary nature of details within our business continuity and disaster recovery plans, they cannot be distributed to the public. However, please also note that we are closely monitoring the current situation and will make any modifications to our plans as and when required.

Read an update from John Ruthven, CEO and Managing Director, here.

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