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Hybrid systems open the door to greater choice

HPE is placing heavy emphasis on hybrid infrastructures, digital enterprises and the ideas economy. Messages have been reverberating around the world focused on just how "IT strategy and business strategy are no longer separate; they have become inseparable ... every business is...

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Here Comes the NPP

In the next two years, new rules are taking effect in Australia that will change the way payments are handled. If you're paying a bill or transferring money from one bank account to another, it typically takes three days until the transaction is finalized. After the new changes...

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Goodbye to the Credit Card

The entire concept of having a card in your pocket that you use to spend money is rapidly becoming obsolete. It just doesn't make much sense anymore to own a dedicated piece of plastic with an embedded chip or mag strip. We're already capable of making online purchases without...

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Fault tolerant computers for a lot less money.

Over lunch this past week I was asked by a potential client about just who were the biggest users of NonStop systems these days. The demographics have clearly evolved with the move away from NonStop by some of the largest stock exchanges and with recent M&A activity in the Telco...

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EMV in the USA - Part 2

In part one of this blog, I talked about how banks have been slow to issue cards with chips in them. They don't hold all the blame when it comes to the astonishingly slow EMV rollout, however. Merchants themselves are also well behind the 8-ball in terms of upgrading their...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

EMV in the USA - Part 1

Even though EMV payments are commonplace in other parts of the world, adoption in the US is severely lagging. Payment processors have been required to support EMV transactions since April 2013. That means that we've had the ability to process chip & signature transactions in the...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

EMV: Baby Steps - But Down the Right Path

The clock continues to count down and October 1st isn't that far away. Across America, retailers are holding their breath even as card issuers are stepping up their card distribution programs. EMV deployment is but a matter of weeks away from becoming a reality. But how...

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Deliver VIP Customer Experience in Real-time

In a competitive market, the winning edge can often come from finding a unique way to deliver a truly VIP customer experience.

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Fraudsters Away

I was in Sydney, Australia, the day that Apple Pay launched. Early that morning, I stopped by a convenience store for breakfast on the way to the office. However, because Australia has adopted the chip and pin system, many terminals no longer support older mag strip cards - like...

Payments Blog • 4 MIN READ

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