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Why a network pre-assessment is critical for UC

Skip Chilcott

Written by Skip Chilcott

In a recent podcast I discussed the importance of running regular tests to ensure unified communications eco-systems are performing as intended. This is just as important prior to any deployment, as it is to ongoing health.

Last week we announced new deployment and migration pre-assessment capabilities to IR Prognosis for UC. With these new capabilities, IT teams can test the internal network, as well as connectivity to the Office 365 cloud, and automatically assess the infrastructure to detect likely issues in performance of voice, video, and desktop sharing and resolve them before migrating to a cloud or hybrid environment. To learn more and see UC Assessor in action watch the webinar below:

One of the most critical elements in a successful UC deployment in the cloud or in a hybrid environment is ensuring the IT infrastructure is optimized to cope with the demands of real-time communications. However, organizations often fail to pre-assess their network and UC environment and later find out - during deployment - the network is unable to handle the demands, causing a poor user experience.

Prognosis for UC has a unique software-based design that does not require network probes for UC traffic analysis across the network. Therefore, it can be deployed much quicker than other probe based solutions and provides full visibility across the entire UC environment, including SBCs, routers, and Wi-Fi access points. Furthermore, it will not only identify potential issues, but also troubleshoot the root cause and provide prescriptive remedial guidance, reducing the time to prepare for a successful deployment or a migration to the cloud.

UC infrastructure is complex with potential problem areas that can be hard to see. Utilizing the Prognosis for UC to perform a pre-assessment, IT operations can identify what could go wrong ahead of deployment - delivering a better user experience, while assisting with a migration to the cloud.

Want to know more about network pre-assessment? You can inquire here, alternatively I'm in Toronto with the IR team at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) all this week, July 11-14. Drop in and say hi at booth #437

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