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Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications with IR Collaborate

One of the most common problems that Cisco users mention to us is the simple inability to place or receive calls. The predicament is not an easy one because of the large number of potential issues, and teams using Cisco Prime monitoring sometimes do not have all the information they need to for quick resolution. 

If the issue is, indeed, within Cisco, Cisco Prime may effectively identify and troubleshoot it. If the problem occurs somewhere outside the Cisco system with a non-Cisco device, Cisco's troubleshooting solution may or may not have the capability to identify it. That's when a unified communications troubleshooting system, like IR's Collaborate, can help. Not only can it identify the issue, but it can troubleshoot beyond Cisco's software, hardware, and network.

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications: Disrupted Service and Failed Calls

When a Cisco user cannot place calls or receive them, IR Collaborate can help the user first identify if the problem actually lies within Cisco itself or somewhere beyond Cisco's network. Collaborate can alert an administrator as to which user or users cannot place calls.

IR Collaborate allows the administrator to drill down to view user groups and individual users and drill down even further to detect and fix problems associated with them. It provides insight as to the cause of the glitch and how to fix it. For example, the problem might be because of a configuration issues with a non-Cisco session border controller that is interacting with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Collaborate allows user to cross that vendor specific boundary. It allows businesses to get their operations performing quickly and efficiently, so that clients and customers never even notice issues inside Cisco or among the other networks connecting Cisco with the rest of the UC.


Tracking Down the Cause of a Problem in Cisco Unified Communications

When using Collaborate to track down the cause of disrupted calling capability, one can locate and identify the cause of the disruption relatively quickly. Collaborate's welcome screen allows administrators to drill down to the Communications Manager cluster where the interrupted service has been identified.

From there, view high level detail on cluster performance and drill down to the alerts raised by Collaborate for the particular cluster or search for past calls for particular users. For example, if the disruption is occurring with a specific user, one may drill down to the extension link for that user.

View recent calls and check for abnormalities like calls marked by zero duration, or an abnormal release code. IR Collaborate organizes and simplifies information throughout the individual systems that make up your business' UC ecosystem, so that your communications experts can quickly hone in on points at issue and fix them before they disrupt contact between members of your network.


IR Collaborate can Simplify Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications

IR Collaborate makes Cisco troubleshooting quick through its user friendly platform. Its dashboard allows users to easily visualize problems and issues and drill down to specific areas of the network to see potential causes and fix them quickly. In addition, as a UC administrator, it also allows you to find and fix service disruptions across the globe, outside the Cisco network, far beyond the capability of Cisco Prime. 

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