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IR Collaborate: Filling the Cisco Prime Gap

James Brennan

Written by James Brennan

The end of Cisco’s Prime Collaboration Assurance Analytics (PCA) tool has been announced. End of sale is fast approaching, October 2021, and end of support is locked in for October 2024.

This is an opportunity to ensure an uninterrupted service, and maintain the highest quality experience from ear-to-ear for your users at home or in the office. Now is the time for Cisco UC customers to evaluate the best option for the ongoing monitoring of their mission critical systems.

Exclusive Cisco Prime Migration Offer Now Available for a Limited Time

With Cisco Prime's imminent end of sale, IR has teamed up with Cisco as their Preferred Solution Partner to support your migration from Cisco Prime (PCA) to IR Collaborate. This exclusive offer is now available for a limited time.

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IR – Cisco’s long term preferred solution partner

As Cisco's hybrid and cloud solutions expand, so to does the need for a single monitoring tool that can provide visibility into not just Cisco performance, but your entire multi-vendor ecosystem.

When considering a possible alternative to Cisco Prime, customers need a long established and trusted solution that can slot seamlessly into their Cisco and underlying communications infrastructure, offering full support without missing a beat.

IR is a long-standing Cisco preferred and recommended solution partner, a Cisco DevNet sponsored development partner, and number 1 Cisco Solutions Plus Partner in 2019.

IR continues to drive significant investment into developing monitoring and performance management solutions to support Cisco Unified Communication and Contact Center platforms both on-premise and in the cloud.

Our recent announcement of support for Webex Meetings complements our long-standing support for Cisco platforms including Cisco Unified Communications Manger (CUCM), Expressway/VCS, Unified Border Element (CUBE), Meeting Server (CMS), Contact Center (UCCX and UCCE), Video Endpoints, and more. Collaborate’s capabilities and breadth of support for Cisco’s UCC tools are unmatched - IR have the only solution with the capability to monitor both CUCM and Webex in a single tool.

IR Collaborate: One Tool for Cisco UC, CC, and Webex Experience Management

We know Cisco UCC inside out, so Collaborate is your clear-cut Cisco collaboration management solution, with enhanced features that extend those of Cisco Prime. We’re uniquely positioned to simplify complexity not just within your Cisco UCC environment, but across your end-to-end hybrid, multi-vendor ecosystem, ensuring a consistent, high-quality service to all users.

The communication and collaboration world is rapidly evolving. With the introduction of new technological capabilities, multiple platforms, increasing remote users and endpoints, IR Collaborate makes it possible to see your entire UCC ecosystem from one single view.

When moving from one tool to another, customers typically expect to move on to something with improved features and capabilities that can be scaled and future-proof their business. With Collaborate, experience management for communication and collaboration tools extends beyond monitoring of those multi-vendor platforms using a single tool. Experience management within Collaborate encompasses networks, devices, platforms and performance monitoring, ensuring that end-users' ear-to-ear experience are optimized to be seamless.

Collaborate should be your future-proof solution of choice as you embrace the new, hybrid way of working. Collaborate can support both your existing Cisco on-premise infrastructure and Webex cloud-collaboration tool amongst other UCC components using a single solution. Better yet, let IR assist you along your hybrid journey with a Cisco-sponsored migration promotion, exclusive to customers moving from Cisco Prime to IR Collaborate. Contact us to learn how we can help you!

What are Collaborate’s strengths?

Supporting large, complex collaboration environments is the core of our expertise. Customers include over 1,200 enterprises and service providers, over 125 Fortune 500 companies, and over 17 million licensed and monitored UC endpoints. Collaborate immediately takes performance management from a reactive process to a proactive, real-time solution.


Optimizing collaboration and connecting people

We all know how important collaboration has become, and this is not going to change. At IR, our key consideration is making sure that all collaboration systems are functioning at their best, and always available.

Remote monitoring

Collaborate allows precise call monitoring for every endpoint user, both internally and externally. For example, it allows you to analyze how, why, when and where a call failed, providing the means to prevent it from recurring.

Improved ROI impact

After conducting a number of surveys, we found that by using the Collaborate performance management solution, there was an immediate and ongoing cost reduction in overall operational costs. We believe firmly that you can’t manage what you can’t monitor and measure. In a large, complex collaboration environment, if you’re not monitoring in real time, it can severely affect your bottom line:

  • There could be millions of minutes of lost productivity
  • Outdated monitoring systems can produce fragmented analytics
  • There are potentially thousands of points of failure within a UC system…how will you pinpoint where failure occurs?
  • Without monitoring, you can’t track or improve efficiency.


Cisco Prime has been a mission critical tool for many Cisco users, but with the announcement of its End of Sale, now is the time to consider your options and possible alternatives so that you can ensure your Cisco communications systems are always up and running, and performing optimally. It makes good sense to deploy a trusted, and recommended alternative that can not only replace Cisco Prime, but provide additional capabilities, and ongoing support.

Want to know more about the end of Cisco Prime? Watch our webinar to find out how IR Collaborate can help.

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