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Can Anyone Wear the Digital Transformation Cape?

Shiv Gopalia

Written by Shiv Gopalia

Digital transformation doesn't just happen. It requires a concerted effort and people need time and space to work through it. While it might start as a side project serious transformation can quickly snowball.

Its leadership can go in two ways; driven bya member of the C-Level typically a CTO, COO or CEO. Alternatively, a champion can emerge from anywhere within an organization; someone who sees an opportunity and is relentless in transforming what's within their power.

It is true that initiatives led from the top may have a greater scope however the success of transformation isn't measured by the status of leader; anyone can assume the position. Transforming one area of the business successfully can open doors to do the same elsewhere.

Unified Communications teams are perfectly positioned to become digital transformation champions. Through optimization of UC not only are they ensuring that UC is reliable, they're improving efficiencies, helping employees be more productive, speeding up the implementation of new technologies and can fronting strategic changes that reduce operating costs.

To find out more about how unified comms can be used as a vehicle for digital transformation download our guide here.

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