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Skype for Business - The Road to Enterprise Voice [infographic]

Skype for Business is forcing organizations to rethink their whole approach to unified communications. And not just because of improved work practices. The fact it's a software-based system is making everyone sit up and take notice.

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Microsoft certifies IR Prognosis IT Pro Tool for Skype For Business

IR Prognosis for Unified Communications certified IT Pro Tool for monitoring

Great news just in from Enterprise Connect, where we have been advised IR Prognosis for Unified Communications (UC) has completed certification as an IT Pro Tool in monitoring for Skype for Business. Below is an excerpt from the news release put out today.

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Global Skype for Business survey reveals performance management concerns

Across 44 countries performance management in a multi-vendor environment is the biggest deployment concern for organizations.

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For NonStop there's no downside to monitoring unidentified moving objects

As an unabashed car guy, it's as though I am living at the end of times. Just as today we only have equine enthusiasts lovingly tending to horses and steam engine enthusiasts maintain a few miles of track for the trains they dote on, so too, I suspect, in a short few years real cars will only be found in the garages of enthusiasts. The up and coming generation shows little interest in motor vehicles and even the latest television advertisements...

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