Prognosis for UC Live Demo [August 2019]

Webinars • Aug 2019 • 37 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

UC Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting [APAC Timezone]

Do you spend too much time trying to troubleshoot multiple UC network performance issues across single or multi-vendors solutions? This webinar is tailored just for you.

Webinars • May 2019 • 45 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Optimize Contact Center Performance: Monitor > Troubleshoot..

The Contact Center is the frontline to your customers - get this experience wrong and the consequences can be substantial - loss of revenue, brand damage, customer churn. 

Webinars • Feb 2019 • 59 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Microsoft Teams: Timing, Tools & Tips

Watch this webinar for an update on Microsoft Teams from David Branscome, Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft who discusses the latest Teams news. Covering an update on timing, tools to make sure your Teams deployment is successful, considerations to keep in mind and key resources to help get you there. Join us to learn:

Webinars • Jun 2018 • 60 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

UC Optimization for Pros (APAC timezone)

Presenter: Stephen Elliott, Director Marketing | Junaidy Laures, Senior Solutions Engineer

Webinars • Mar 2018 • 34 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

UC Optimization for Pros

In today’s business world, communication matters more than ever. People want to communicate in new ways everyday: more channels, more devices, more flexibility. But these demands rely on a new generation of technology, operating in real-time. What happens if the technology isn’t reliable?

Webinars • Feb 2018 • 52 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

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