Prognosis for HP NonStop
Management Solution

In today’s global marketplace, the challenge facing many corporations is not simply to remain on top of changing technology, but to have the operational insight to be proactive, rather than reactive in the face of changing business conditions. 

Prognosis for HP NonStop

Keep your NonStop environment up and running with IR Prognosis

Prognosis gives you the insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently with the data and metrics you need to make proactive operational and business decisions with ease and is designed to grow effortlessly with your business.

Automated Operations

In today’s global marketplace, the challenge facing many corporations is not simply to remain on top of changing technology, but to have the operational insight to be proactive, rather than reactive in the face of changing business conditions.

Resolving issues before they impact your customers and prevent you meeting service levels is a priority task, but it’s not one that should tie up your most valuable asset: your skilled staff. Let the machines deal with the machines.

Prognosis performance alert automation helps you meet and manage your SLAs by keeping a watchful eye on the top 3 areas that make a difference within your HP NonStop environment:

  • Operations: Staff don’t need to wait for a problem to happen. Whether in the office, in the network operations center or on the move, they will know something is happening. Prognosis uses predictive analytics harvested from over 25 years of being on the front line of some of the largest global companies.
  • Analysis: Using a complex rules-based set of logic, Prognosis locates and identifies the root cause of the issue and can prescribe or automate remedies.
  • Load balancing: How many of your staff can balance workloads between CPUs and disks to ensure your hardware resources are running at optimum levels? And even if they can, how long do you think it takes them to do this?

Performance Management

Do you have a variety of applications which you need to monitor all at once? Do you work across HP NonStop, UNIX, Linux or Windows?

Would you like to evaluate operational costs at every level of your organization and your infrastructure? With Prognosis on your team, you can take the adage ‘business aware’ to a whole new level, because for the very first time you will be in complete control of your entire infrastructure and workloads. How?

  • Prognosis Application Development Interface: Extract and manage key performance and status information from any commercially developed applications, in real-time.
  • Prognosis User Accounting: Manage the allocation and costing of system resources by automatically monitoring, storing and reporting usage metrics by user, group or program.
  • Prognosis Availability Manager: Check the detailed report Prognosis gives you and you’ve got everything you need to meet the problem head on before your clients even know it exists.

Optimize Business Insight

Increase your business insights and dig deep within your HP NonStop infrastructure with the Prognosis Capacity Planning performance management solution.

You already know that one of the most vital abilities for any organization is to predict capacity limits, before the cracks start to show. To do this you need to understand your current and future resource requirements. Now. Before you need to manage them in a hurry.

IR Prognosis Capacity Planning reaches into the heart of your infrastructure and collects system performance and resource usage information that enables you to make more informed decisions regarding long range resource planning.

Knowing how fast your disks are filling up, how soon you‘ll need a new processor or how busy your expand lines improves your ability to manage and predict system capacity.

Prognosis also helps present your findings likeCPU, memory, disk and PCB information in a clearly understandable and highly informative graphical representations to support budget planning and discussions.

Integrate Enterprise Frameworks

If you’re using an enterprise management framework, you’ll be receiving alerts but it’s quite possible you can’t access the depth of specialist information you need to resolve complex problems.

With Prognosis you’ll get unparalleled visibility into NonStop operations, key business applications and middleware. You can also interface with problem management solutions, sending them automatically formatted email messages when defined conditions occur. Or fail to.

Now with Prognosis Enterprise Manager you’ll have full access to all of the valuable data, hidden deep within your infrastructure that was previously inaccessible.

This ability to access vital metrics within your system and to use newly discovered data to isolate and resolve problems in real-time, is a huge benefit and step forward for any organization.

Optimize Telecommunications

Optimize Telecommunications within a HP NonStop Environment with IR Prognosis IN Manager the performance management solution for wireless subscriber services.

If you have a wireless subscriber service, then you know the problems that can surface and how long it can take to find a workable solution in a complex telecommunications environment. That is why the Prognosis IN Manager was created – to simplify the management of HP NonStop INS applications and optimize wireless subscriber services.

Instead of madly trying to locate the source of your INS issues, wouldn’t it be better to troubleshoot with confidence and resolve issues quickly? Prognosis allows you to drill down deep into your infrastructure and access data that was previously unavailable to you.

This valuable information hidden deep in your systems log files means that now you have full access to this troubleshooting data. This is because Prognosis continually scans and monitors your INS Statistics Log File and extracts specific Register and Group combinations and values.