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Out Loud: How to Achieve Your UC Operational Efficiency Goals

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We examine the ways in which organisations can ensure their unified communication environments are as efficient as possible

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August 03, 2018   Patrick Watson

One of the most important aspects of any business are its communication systems. Connecting the organisations, often, global workforce, enabling communication with customers and partners is critical to operational success. How can you be sure that your systems are working as well as they can be? In this episode we examine the sort operational efficiency goals that organisations should be setting themselves and how best they can achieve those.

Patrick is joined by expert guest Andre Cuenin, President, Americas & Europe for IR Prognosis.

Andre explains some of the background around why UC system integrity is so important. Often forming the fundamental basis of the most critical business systems there is a lot less margin for error in communication platforms.

“Most people especially within the unified communication, contact centre space are more reactive than proactive. Why is that? It is because the influx of technology is faster than people can handle.”

The complexity of the systems and the amalgamation of a huge number of different platforms all add to the difficulty in terms of maintaining operational maturity. How can organisations simplify some of these complexities? Visibility of all of the different systems is crucial to being able to achieve this.

Andre then explains about the various levels of operation maturity within organisations technology systems.

“A lot of operational maturity challenges are convincing the particular team that needs to take ownership of the issue, you have to convince the team that needs to take ownership to solve the issues, to agree that it is their issue.”

Andre-Cuenin-IR-Out-LoudPatrick then asks Andre how many businesses from his experience have reached operational maturity and Andre explains that it varies from industry to industry.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Andre Cuenin.

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