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IR Collaborate Extends Microsoft Teams User Experience Management to Carrier Networks

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• The solution monitors connections between Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

• Large enterprises, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and operators can gain real-time visibility, ensuring a seamless user experience on cloud or hybrid platforms.

Sydney, May 11, 2022 – IR (ASX:IRI) a leading global provider of performance management and analytics for unified communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure, and payment ecosystems, today announced an enhancement to the Collaborate solution for Microsoft Teams. This includes an extension of monitoring SBCs for audio calls on carrier networks connected to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. A single health dashboard can now provide visibility into the multiple communication systems connected to each other.

Direct Routing allows organizations to connect external phone lines and use Microsoft Teams as an office phone system. It enables businesses to connect their existing carrier networks to Microsoft Teams and make and receive external phone calls without a calling plan.

With the rapid shift to hybrid working, organizations are now faced with complex requirements to integrate their telephony systems with Microsoft Teams. For businesses using multiple communication systems, identifying the root cause of quality issues during calls or meetings is a challenge. Lack of detailed visibility prevents fast issue resolution, impacting user experience resulting in productivity and business loss for organizations. [1]IR Collaborate can help address these challenges and have shown to reduce operational costs by up to 43% and improve productivity by as much as 20%. 

“IR Collaborate now provides visibility to the carrier network in near real-time while fully supporting multi-tenanted SBCs connected to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. IR’s solution monitors these two distinct tools and overcomes the challenge of limited user experience visibility by individual providers who can only monitor their systems. Additionally, organizations with distributed or hybrid workforces can benefit from the flexibility and cost savings by using a single solution from IR,” said Jason Andrews, Head of Collaborate Products, IR.

IR’s Collaborate solution can effectively manage multi-vendor Unified Communication (UC) environments keeping it simple for large enterprises and MSPs to troubleshoot any issues in real-time. It monitors the SBCs, connections between the SBC and Microsoft, and the Direct Routing interface. Automated alerts help identify issues, isolate the source, and determine the root cause for poor call quality or dropped calls.

[1] Nemertes Research

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