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Reaching for the Summit

Customer community, engagement and training are core pillars of IR's customer-first approach. To that end, in 2016 we created IR Prognosis Summit, IR's official Prognosis users conference, to deliver best practices, hands-on training, new innovations, and more.

This year, 140 customers representing 73 companies joined us for Summit. Over the course of 3 days, IR customers and partners participated in hands on lab sessions, innovation discoveries, and best practice reviews—we even held the first ever Prognosis Hackathon!

IR Prognosis Summit

The goal? To help customers continue to unlock deeper value from their investment in Prognosis, and to see value in attending IR Prognosis Summit.

The result? 98% of attending customers indicated that they intend to return, with 42% of customers saying they'd bring additional people from their company.

IR Prognosis Summit Survey

In addition to providing valuable hands on training across 40 unique sessions, we held the 2nd annual Prognosis Awards Banquet to celebrate our customer's use of Prognosis to drive innovation and business impact. IR customers continue to be at the forefront of managing their critical systems, and we're proud that Prognosis plays a key role in that success.

Join us at IR Prognosis Summit '18

IR Prognosis Summit '18 will open for registration in early 2018. We're working on incorporating the feedback from this Summit to drive even greater value for our attendees. If you're an IR customer or Partner end user, please plan to join us.

Prognosis Online Users Community

We're committed to doing our part to help maintain the relationships that were started or deepened at IR Prognosis Summit. As part of that effort we're refreshing the online community of Prognosis end users, called, and have posted all the presentations from Summit there. If you're a Prognosis end user, please join us at and add your voice to the community.

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