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Expanding our Web(ex) - Experience management for Webex by Cisco

The global shift towards remote working is forcing organizations to focus on the need for cross-platform, cross vendor tools and applications.

Webex by Cisco is proving to be one of the most popular collaboration tools for enterprise organizations. But while businesses are choosing Webex Meetings and other cloud-based solutions for their collaboration needs, many still need to retain some aspects of their existing on-premises  ecosystems. So, managing Webex Meetings as part of a hybrid, multi-vendor ecosystem can present challenges.

The crucial role of performance management tools

The future of the modern workplace is hybrid collaboration, and this has led to an increase in complexity for UC and collaboration (UCC) ecosystems. In turn, this has created the essential need for an all-encompassing monitoring, troubleshooting, service health and metrics solution.

In order to bring clarity to your UCC complexity, you need to gain deep insight into performance, while having the ability to pinpoint and resolve issues fast. This is where IR Collaborate becomes an invaluable tool.

Collaborate allows you to manage experience across your entire UCC environment, including existing on-premise voice, video, and contact center (CC) solutions. But today, I’m going to talk specifically about our recently launched support for Webex.

How IR Collaborate can help optimize Webex Meetings

  • By providing call quality data and customized reports to proactively address problems and improve user adoption.
  • By enabling end-to-end multi-vendor visibility, whether in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.
  • By identifying voice and video issues and resolving problems before they impact users.
  • By improving the return on your Cisco investment, with insights into usage metrics, licensing, and user activity trends.

With proactive monitoring and alerting of the end-user experience, you can identify Cisco ecosystem issues, as well as problems affecting remote users. Collaborate allows flexible and configurable alerts, to provide insights into call quality, user feedback, meeting, and conference failures and more.

Endpoint Readiness2

Performance analysis helps you gain insight into user experience, to proactively reveal systemic issues. Through trends and visual alarms, you can quickly detect problems in all areas.

Network Impacts2

With our Webex Meetings solution, you get complete visibility into sessions and meeting quality. You can drill down into users, sessions, meetings and diagnose problems across SBCs, ISPs, WiFi, network, devices and more.

User Insights

Comprehensive experience and performance management gives you the ability to spot patterns and trends to proactively identify and resolve issues. With visual alarms and performance indications, you can reduce troubleshooting time and vastly improve user experience.

Meetings quality2

IR is a long-standing Cisco preferred and recommended solution partner, a Cisco R&D sponsored development partner, and the number 1 Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner in 2019.

Collaborate for Webex Meetings builds on this long established and trusted partnership - meaning that our solution slots seamlessly into a Cisco communications infrastructure, as well as supporting a range of multi-vendor, multi-device environments.

Optimizing user experience in the hybrid workplace is the key driver for productivity. The emerging trend toward deploying “best of breed” UC solutions from a variety of vendors calls for a multi-service management solution like IR Collaborate - that puts workforce experience first.

Want to see out Webex solution in action? Check out our on-demand webinar below.

IR Collaborate Experience Management for Webex

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