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Effective communications and collaboration in the workplace is no longer a 'maybe I’ll think about that down the track' option. It’s all about keep up, or trip up.

Employees are driving change

In today’s workplace, it’s employees who are ultimately driving the changes toward better unified communications and collaboration (UCC). As well as being consumers themselves, employees are the conduit to customers/clients, and they’re at the coalface when it comes to customer expectations. Ultimately, employees are adding value to the businesses in which they work by realizing the importance of UCC.

A research survey report revealed that employees use many of the features in UCC apps daily, and over 60% said that these apps are vital to their ability to do their job.

frequency of using the ucc features

Businesses are demanding more efficiency and productivity. Employees want flexibility, fast communication and easier collaboration. Multi-device users are fast becoming the norm. The future of the workplace is about being highly connected. The working environment demands the use of a mix of digital, immersive and physical technologies including fixed conferencing tools, mobile devices and PCs.

Change creates business value

UCC is about deploying technologies that offer convenience and efficiency. Being able to reach someone when needed, using chat tools instead of email of phone calls, video conferencing instead of physical meetings makes good business sense. For example, video conferencing on a tablet, mobile phone or desktop would save a business a huge amount of time and money, which seriously impacts its bottom line.

And from an employee’s point of view, the flexibility of being able to work anywhere, and from any device creates a far happier, increasingly productive and more loyal employee. This in turn benefits businesses by not having to rehire and retrain employees and by fully utilizing and developing their teams’ existing skills.

Customers are demanding change

Companies are recognizing customer experience through UCC as a competitive differentiator, by vastly improving customer service. 

Organizations are starting to think about radically upgrading their collaboration systems. Employees are keeping businesses aware that old and outdated technology is a hinderance to their everyday operations.

So, when these organizations typically invest a substantial proportion of their budget in collaboration tools and technology, it’s vital that their impact and benefit can be measured. This measure of new technology deployment is referred to as ROC, or return on collaboration.

Why IR Collaborate is a core part of business strategy

The integration of collaboration technology is not without its problems. Poor audio and video quality and connectivity issues can undo any benefits very quickly. But there are other issues that highlight the importance of the right performance management tools to troubleshoot, monitor and measure how your network equipment is functioning.

And it’s not just about measuring – it’s about being able to identify the factors that cause problems and being able to prevent them in the future. This type of intuitive technology is vital to any organization’s UCC tools. This translates to less downtime, better productivity and performance, and highest quality sound and video. It’s what employees are working to achieve for the benefit of their organizations – and it’s what customers expect in the marketplace.

IR Collaborate is a market leader in detailed performance analytics, UC monitoring and UC troubleshooting, no matter what the size of your organization.

IR Collaborate gives organizations the capability to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize even the most complex UC environments with ease and deliver the best user experience possible.

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