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Call Recording Assurance

Be compliant and reduce the potential for mistakes. Gain peace of mind that you’re recording everything.

Call Recording Assurance for Contact Centers with IR Prognosis Performance Management

As a busy and successful Contact Center, you need to know whether your systems are healthy and ready to process calls. You also need to know whether all calls have been recorded and which calls experienced problems and why. You need to ensure that when a call is recorded, it does actually contain media.

So can you tick all these boxes? To be certain a performance management solution that checks the health of your voice recording ecosystem is invaluable for compliance and regulatory requirements.

This is exactly what Prognosis for Contact Center does as well as managing the overall health of the Contact Center – it monitors call recordings to:

  • Ensure the health of servers, applications, clusters, networks and systems.
  • Access recording histories, log files and recording port usages.
  • Monitor voice quality, trunk and channel status, availability and usage.

These are just a few of the activities that can be performed automatically with Prognosis for Contact Center. If there are any problems anywhere in your systems - like discrepancies between real time confirmations of recordings and system records or the voice quality of calls is below a certain threshold Prognosis will alert you to the situation.

Prognosis performance management solutions monitor your voice recording systems and alert you to problems, and give you full access to thousands of diagnostics. This means that you can drill deep within your infrastructure and find the root cause of a problem, resolving it rapidly in real time and within minutes of the event occurring.

Prognosis gives you the call recording assurance you need to gain a competitive edge and to help you take your business and your Contact Center to the next level.

Webinar: Contact center compliance and call recording assurance

In the wake the new US financial regulation such as the "Dodd-Frank" Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, many banks in the US, Europe and Asia have been looking at how best to monitor and control the activities of their traders and contact centers.

The cost of compliance can considerable, however, the risks associated with non-compliance can result in even more substantial costs to the business.

Hear emerging trends in compliance for contact centers and traders.

Presenter: Travis Polland Senior Product Manager IR