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How much is UC&C downtime costing your business?

Have you ever looked into how much unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) downtime is really costing your business?

UC&C downtime is when your unified communications channels – think your websites, phones, emails, video conferencing, instant chat, collaboration tools – are not up and running.

When these channels are down all work comes to a halt, your customers can no longer contact you and your team is restricted to face-to-face communication. This is clearly not an ideal scenario for a workforce operating in this century.

The cost of downtime cannot be downplayed

It's not unusual then for Operations teams to pride themselves on uptime levels of 99.9% or even 99.999%.

But before breaking out the champagne, ask yourself – what about that last remaining 0.1% of downtime? By focusing on uptime the cost of downtime can sometimes be downplayed. 

What's the value of the 0.1%?

What if the 0.1% affected happen to be in the 20% most valuable customers – worse still the top 5%?

Employee downtime

Before we get carried away let’s take a look at the numbers in a typical scenario: Let’s say an organization has 10,000 employees and 4,500 of those are affected by downtime each year.

At 99.9% uptime that equates to 525.6 minutes. If the average knowledge worker salary is $70,000 then the annual cost of downtime per employee is $301.

Could be worse right?

If you multiply it by 4,500, the number of employees affected, the sum jumps to $1,352,894... a year. Not such a small number anymore. Remember this figure doesn't take into consideration if they were the top 20 or 5% – but you can see how it could quickly snowball out of control.

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Contact Center downtime

Consider another example of something more concrete, like productivity in a contact center, where their business is communication: If the average sale per call reaching a contact center was valued at $230 and you get 4,000 calls per day, at 99.9% uptime in a 10 hour-a-day contact center, you'd be missing out on 219 minutes per year.

If the contact center gets 6.7 calls per minute you would lose 1,467 calls in a year, amounting to a hefty sum of $337,479. That's before considering potential knock-on effects such as losing repeat business or reputational damage. 

Soft dollar costs

What adds insult to injury is some CFO's discount these losses as ‘soft-dollar’ costs, because they don’t show up on the balance sheet.

Dismissing 1.35 million, or 1.73 million if contact center folk were affected, is concerning.

The problem is that there shouldn't be a 99%. It should be 100% all the time.

Systems shouldn't fall over and fail, your customers should always be able to talk to you. Solving problems before they even exist should be the focus.

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