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Driving Customer Success at IR Prognosis Summit

Last fall we hosted over 120 IR customers at the refreshed and restructured IR Prognosis Summit (formerly called IR Executive Customer Council).

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Our vision for IR Prognosis Summit is to help IR customers get maximum value out of their Prognosis investment. In order to do that we developed 4 unique tracks:

  • 2 UC/CC Technical Tracks were built to provide technical training and best practices.
  • 1 Payments & Infrastructure Track delivered technical training and best practices specific to the unique needs of our P&I customers.
  • The Executive Track gave Customer Executives access to the IR Executive team and the opportunity to view and provide feedback IR's product strategy.

Of course, there were also ample opportunities for customers to network with each other and with IR employees.

IR Customer Trends

We surveyed our customers during the event about industry trends and learned some interesting things for example: how our customers are moving to the cloud. 

Trend: Moving to the Cloud

While almost a third of those surveyed at IR Summit have either already moved or have begun to move to the cloud, almost as many are planning to stay on-premises for the foreseeable future. This is most prevalent amongst those in complex, multi-vendor environments, where a hybrid deployment might be a more viable option. But whether your UC environment is single or multi-vendor, there is no doubting that migrating all or part of your operations to the cloud is something all organizations are considering.

IR Prognosis Summit Highlights

IR customers enthusiastically responded to the new vision for IR Prognosis Summit and helped us grow the event to be nearly 3x larger than the 2015 IR Executive Customer Council. 

IR Prognosis Highlights
Here are some highlights:
  • Over the course of two days, we conducted 28 sessions across 4 tracks (two UC/CC tracks, a Payments and Infrastructure Track, and an Executive Track). 
  • We recognized customers who are leading the charge at leveraging Prognosis to drive exceptional value and innovation with our first ever Prognosis Guy Awards.
  • IR Summit app provided important information, connected attendees with each other and helped drive interaction. 

Overall, the IR Prognosis Summit 2016 was an unequivocal success, but you don't have to take our word for it. Feedback we collected from attendees indicated a high level of satisfaction.

IR Prognosis Summit


Join us at IR Connect

IR Connect  is open for registration. We've made several enhancements that will drive even greater value for our customer attendees, including the addition of an optional conference pre-day. If you're an IR customer or Partner end user, please plan to join us.

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