HP NonStop Performance Management Solution

In today’s global marketplace, the challenge facing many corporations is not simply to remain on top of changing technology, but to have the operational insight to be proactive, rather than reactive in the face of changing business conditions. 

Keep your NonStop environment up and running with IR Prognosis

Prognosis gives you the insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently with the data and metrics you need to make proactive operational and business decisions with ease and is designed to grow effortlessly with your business.

Real-time monitoring

Capture as much data as you need, both in real-time and historically, so that you can locate, identify and resolve any problem, anywhere, anytime.

Gain real-time visibility

Monitor, measure and maximize usage of all of your resources, and service level attainment seamlessly. Across all platforms including HP NonStop, Windows, Unix and Linux.

Locate the exact source of the problem, and resolve problems in real time.

Minimize outages

Many times the reason you have an outage is because you can’t fix a problem quickly enough. Prognosis means you can monitor your networks in real time with the power to fix problems on the fly before they impact your clients.

Scale as needed

Prognosis is highly scalable, to grow with your business, and keep costs down. It’s designed to support the needs of large enterprises, financial institutions and service providers by giving you the ability to rapidly adapt to changing business needs.


Prognosis performance management data integrates flawlessly with your existing enterprise framework. This gives you access to valuable data previously hidden deep within your infrastructure, so you can make operational and business decisions.