Prognosis Performance Management for Distributed Systems

Would you like a performance management solution that gives you the power to monitor and manage all your servers across platforms? 

Prognosis provides highly customizable real time displays, alerts, reports and automation for enterprise servers running a wide range of operating systems including Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris or IBM VIO Server. And naturally with given the growth of virtualization and private cloud initiatives, comprehensive monitoring includes VMware environments.

Choose the edition of Prognosis to suit your needs

Foundation Edition: 

  • Highly customizable real-time displays
  • Instant alert notifications of problems occurring within your Windows environment
  • The ability to call up thousands of vital diagnostic metrics from deep within your infrastructure
  • A fully automated facility that identifies, analyzes and then applies a rules-based logic to actually recommend or initiate actions to fix the problem.

Enterprise edition: 

Building on the Foundation Edition the Enterprise Edition allows you to expand your reach into a broader selection of middleware and applications including.

  • Databases: Prognosis provides a deep view into all major database engines including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. View details such as activity and query methods, cache and buffering, transactions and locks, memory and I/O, database tables, backup and replication activities.
  • Application servers: Measure application performance for popular application servers including IBM WebSphere Application Server and Oracle WebLogic Server.
  • Business integration servers: Track queue lengths and keep tabs on queue managers, channels and triggers in IBM WebSphere MQ messaging environments.
  • Email: Monitor connectivity, throughput, mailboxes, replication activity and events for Microsoft Exchange Server. With Prognosis’ fine-grained metrics you have deep, real-time visibility into message traffic, mailbox status, size and growth, and type and number of attachments.
  • Web servers: Prognosis delivers real time, in-depth performance data for key metrics relating to FTP and web server services on the Microsoft Internet Information Server. You can view the availability of Active Server Pages, cache statistics, connection attempts, failed requests and many more.