IT Infrastructure Performance Management

Make systems work better, respond to issues faster, prevent outages and get back to doing what you do best.

Optimize IT Infrastructure Performance with IR Prognosis  Performance Management

Over the last couple of decades, IT infrastructure may have reduced in size but its complexity has expanded exponentially. Taming this complexity is a big challenge.

That’s what Prognosis delivers. It allows you to take control of your mission critical infrastructure, to manage it when it’s under load and to know when it’s under-utilized so you can intervene and optimize.

As strange things can happen when firmware is not up to date, memory leaks occur or disk space starts to run out,  Prognosis gives you the power to visualize your entire infrastructure from one dashboard in real time. It gives you one dashboard to rule them all.

You’ll be get insight to:

  • When all software was last updated and compiled, released or used.
  • CPU balance and workloads to ensure your hardware resources are running at optimum efficiency.
  • Hardware threshold breaches via an asset register of all individual components that comprise each asset.
  • Any application or device in your entire network, for example web services, SNMP, WMI and ODBC and then use this information to drive alert notifications of threshold breaches.
  • The integration of HP NonStop systems with enterprise management frameworks, such as Tivoli, Remedy, CA-Unicenter and HP Operations Manager.
  • The OpenView Operation environment, allowing greater leveraging of the OpenView framework.

This is just a snapshot of how you can tame the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Prognosis gives you immediate access to real time diagnostics for key system components that allow you to locate, isolate and get on top of problems before they become catastrophes.