Avaya Unified Communications
Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Thanks to Avaya’s strategic relationship with IR, Prognosis real-time experience management means you can manage the entire UC lifecycle with one perfectly integrated solution.

Prognosis for Avaya

Avaya Performance Management

Our better together story began over seven years ago when Avaya was searching for a highly reliable experience management solution that would scale to deliver first class UC services across Avaya Unified Communications including Avaya Session Manager, Avaya System Manager, Avaya Communications Manager and Avaya CS1000. Read more about IR's strategic partnership with Avaya.

Whether your environment is wholly Avaya or part of a multi-vendor blended UC ecosystem Prognosis translates multiple vendors’ devices’ cryptic communications into a language that’s easy for us to understand.

Stop issues in their track

The intelligence that is at your fingertips has been built from information created from years of being on the front line of some of the largest companies in the world. This means Prognosis can predict potential problems before they become issues.

And if problems do occur Prognosis predictive analytics identify what conditions caused them and what else may be impacted. Prescriptive analytics and automation can be used to rectify frequent system problems.

Proactive insights to speed problem resolution

Reduce the time it takes to resolve problems and save money on operational costs. With effective insight to where problems lie you can jump on them before they become widely felt. Predictive analytics ensure that you benefit from our 25 years of domain knowledge that is available right ‘out of the box.’

Prognosis Voice Quality 360

To date you may have come to accept that the user experience can only be tracked to the SBC. Prognosis Voice Quality 360° is a game changer. It tracks user sessions across SBCs to show exactly where the problems lay so you can get straight to the heart of the issue quickly.

Take for example a UC session flowing through a session border controller from a Lync or Skype for Business endpoint to an Avaya phone. There are three vendors’ technologies involved and that’s not counting the routers along the way.

Prognosis even shows you which of the routers are stripping out voice packet prioritization. This is a complicated task and requires a solid understanding of many variables. That’s exactly what Prognosis comes with. It’ll even show you the voice streams that are being affected, in order of the highest number so you can prioritize which network routes to investigate first.

Fit like a glove into the enterprise

Integration makes Prognosis part of the big picture and integrates flawlessly into your existing enterprise management framework. For many businesses this involves integrating content from Prognosis into ServiceNow, as well as the two-way exchange of alerts.

This underlines the value of Prognosis as it allows you to optimize operations and service delivery, irrespective of vendor, version, technology or location.

Predictive Analytics and Proactive Alerts for Avaya

Take control of your Avaya environment through proactive alerting: be aware sooner, respond faster, solve UC performance issues before they become customer facing. Set thresholds and get immediate notifications when they’re breached. Instant awareness of the earliest degraded conditions means you can implement immediate practical responses while you work on a more strategic solution.

Prognosis’ suite of performance management analytics make sure small problems don’t become big ones. Proactive alerts ensure you meet SLAs.

Network Monitoring

Improve your network performance through clear network visibility and efficient capacity. Have great call quality, every time and make end user experience easy. Sound like a tough ask? It is, that’s where IR Prognosis comes in.

Manage the network stack like a pro. Troubleshoot issues like a ninja. Catch the culprits causing poor VoIP call quality. All while we monitor your Avaya environment (and other vendors too like Cisco and Skype for Business).

Avaya Call Quality Troubleshooting

Prognosis troubleshoots Avaya call quality issues throughout the network stack: Wi-Fi and LAN, cloud, on-premises and hybrid and troubleshooting PBX and across call quality metrics: out latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS.

Quick and easy troubleshooting means faster resolution time and high QoS.

Testing your Avaya Systems

You wouldn’t get on an airplane that hadn’t been properly tested. Would you be willing to risk your business on an untested system?

Every second you talk to your customers counts, we understand this. We also understand things happen. Testing shines a light on what’s fallen through the cracks. Don’t lose time with your customers by having a broken system.

Avaya Unified Communications Reports and Analytics

Reporting is great. But what’s even better is getting actionable insights from complex information. Predicting the future. Robots making automatic decisions.

Descriptive analytics, real-time analytics, predictive, prescriptive, cognitive – when it comes to UC diagnostic analytics IR Prognosis covers all bases.

More than 1,000 enterprise companies rely on Prognosis for UC Monitoring