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The Journey to Microsoft Teams

IR Media

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Richard Smith
Richard Smith Global Microsoft Alliance Director @ IR
Dave Bottomley
Dave Bottomley Senior Solutions Engineer @ IR

When Microsoft Teams was announced in March 2017, it left organizations grappling with the challenge of how they might integrate Microsoft's new collaboration tool in to their environment. This was accelerated when later that year, Microsoft advised Skype for Business would eventually be replaced by Teams. 

Many organizations were left with fundamental questions on how to manage their unified communications and collaboration environment. What to move from on-premises and when? How to ensure the network can manage the transition? What investment was required? What measures to put in place to ensure adoption of the new technology? 

  1. To assist organizations deploying or considering Microsoft Teams we have developed a three-part webinar series, to tell the story of one organizations real journey to adopting Teams in their environment.

Part one will take an in-depth look at the planning phase of the project:

  • Planning for success
  • Envisioning stage
  • Assessment stage
  • Design stage

The Journey to Microsoft Teams is a 3 part webinar series:

Part 2, Having looked at the planning phase in session one of this series, we will turn our focus to the readiness phase.

Part 3, Looks at the deployment phase, taking in to account the importance of adoption to deliver a successful deployment.

Topics: Webinar Communications Migration, deployment and adoption Microsoft - Teams/Skype