Is poor system performance impacting your bottom line?

Manage and optimize complex payment processor environments

With the explosion of new payment technologies in recent years, it can be a challenge to ensure optimal performance across so many payment types and transaction paths. It is vital for payment processors to adapt to new trends and successfully deploy new services without negatively impacting existing ecosystems. 

Confidently adopt and deploy new technologies and minimize the risk of major issues affecting your bottom line with Prognosis for Payments. By providing deep visibility, detailed analytics, intelligent alerting and rapid troubleshooting, your organization can identify and solve problems fast, to keep payments flowing and your customers satisfied.


Reduce lost revenue

Reduce lost revenue

Downtime due to poorly performing systems leads to a loss of transaction fees and dissatisfied customers. Don’t let avoidable problems impact your bottom line. Deep insights allow you to spot patterns, proactively prevent issues and keep payments flowing. 

Improve satisfaction and retention 

Improve satisfaction and retention 

Happy systems mean happy customers. Comprehensive monitoring, real-time alerts and dynamic thresholds allow you proactively manage your environment and confidently deliver exceptional service that keeps your customers satisfied. 

Meet service level agreements 

Meet service level agreements 

Don’t run the risk of falling short on your agreed service level deliverables, incurring expensive fines and damaging relationships. Quickly identify and resolve problems with rapid troubleshooting and end-to-end visibility across all payment types and transaction paths.

Make better business decisions

Make better business decisions

With detailed, historical analytics and reporting you can get the insights you need to identify recurring issues, recognize trends and make more informed decisions to improve capacity planning and grow business. 

Rabobank Monitors Transactions 24/7 with Prognosis

Rabobank is a global leader in banking and finance, authorizing 1.3 billion card transactions per year.

In order to retain their status as a global leader in an evolving marketplace, Rabobank knew they needed to provide operations and support 24/7. This required them to migrate some of their infrastructure to a new platform, without impacting their existing ecosystem.

To ensure smooth migration and provide customer support, Rabobank required a robust monitoring solution that retained all transactions.

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We wanted to make sure our system is not just available, but that it’s truly performing. And if issues occur, we can manage them efficiently and smoothly.

Andrew Skelton

Andrew Skelton

CEO @ Cabcharge

fifth third bank

We have been able to gain a more complete view into the performance of our core processing systems. “Now we how have more visibility into the transactions coming into each of our
gateways, for approval and decline rates, and the reasons for the errors.

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Bob Bartlett

CIO @ Fifth Third Processing Solutions

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Deliver a better customer experience, maximize efficiencies and optimize systems with our suite of performance management solutions for Payment Processors.

Prognosis for Payments

Prognosis for Payments brings deep visibility to your entire payments environment.  With rapid troubleshooting, and comprehensive analytics and reporting, you can confidently deploy new technologies, solve issues faster, and improve the customer experience. Get proactive in your approach and optimize your payments ecosystem with Prognosis. 

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Prognosis for Infrastructure

Prognosis for Infrastructure gives you the insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently with the data and metrics you need to make proactive operational and business decisions.

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Prognosis is vendor agnostic and can support any platform. Commonly supported platforms include: