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Prognosis for Avaya Contact Center Management

Your Contact Center at full potential.

IR Prognosis a Contact Center management solution for Avaya. Rediscover your UC environment. Take control of your entire Avaya Contact Center ecosystem.

Performance Management Solution for Avaya Contact Centers

Contact Centers are a cornerstone of many businesses, driving everything from revenue to customer satisfaction. So your bottom line depends on delivering high quality customer service, consistent voice quality for all calls, and rapid resolution of any faults or failures.

Often though operating at maximum efficiency and maintaining optimum voice quality is a nirvana that’s just a little out of reach. Outages occur and dropped or misrouted calls require dedicated staff to put out all the fires that seem to occur every day.

Prognosis supports the Avaya environment, including its communication servers, session border controllers and call recording devices. This ensures communications systems are consistently delivering the performance you require, and you’re meeting regulatory requirements for call recording.

It works behind the scenes with a small footprint, identifying threats as well as actual problems and a single point of view brings them all into focus for you. This frees you to manage your Contact Center communications and build relationships, rather than fixing technical problems.

As even minor problems can escalate to complete catastrophes the ability of your Contact Center to service your client base can rapidly be affected. Prognosis is designed to give you the power not only to locate, isolate and resolve communication problems in real time, but to proactively manage your systems and ensure you meet all your service level agreements.

How Prognosis optimizes the Avaya environment

There are four vital services that Prognosis delivers to help optimize your Contact Center systems:

Contact Center health

Many of the voice quality problems you might encounter occur outside the Avaya system. This means that dropped and failed calls can be due to conflicts between different applications or problems at the server, process or network level. And these can be difficult to identify and fix, because you simply do not have the ability to locate them.

Prognosis gives you the ability to monitor how well your Avaya systems are running, as well as to drill deep within your infrastructure to locate the source of problems. This means that it doesn’t matter what problem occurs or where it originated, you can now locate the exact source of the problem and fix it in real time.

You can stop being reactive and become proactive and use trending to catch up and spot patterns before they become problems.

Cloud enabled mobile access

The Cloud enables you to deploy and manage your operations across a diverse range of locations, servers and technologies which gives you a host of new ways to expand your business.

But you need to establish a benchmark, a starting point so you know how far you can go without overwhelming your existing systems. Prognosis gives you this insight across every system under management so you can manage your Contact Center capacity and plan and optimize as necessary.

Even on a mobile device you’ll be able to stay in touch which frees up your time and gives you flexibility while you’re on the move,

Outage reduction

The ability to be proactive gives you the power to minimize outages, so that customers are not inconvenienced and your service level agreements are met. Real-time insight combined with access to historical data, gives you the power to optimize your communication systems, well into the future.

End to end reliability

Prognosis performance management means you can rapidly isolate the root cause of voice quality problems that occur within complex, interdependent call flows. Prognosis allows you to track all calls as they progress through the Avaya ecosystem and you can check on the status of any call at any time.

Prognosis is designed to effortlessly integrate within your existing enterprise framework and to grow with your network. This means that whichever communications solution you choose in the future, Prognosis will continue to monitor and manage your communications networks. You’ll get the insight you need to invest strategically to deliver cost savings and productivity improvements.

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