Prognosis for UC Live Demo [June 2019]

Webinars • Jun 2019 • 31 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

The Journey to Microsoft Teams III - Deployment and Adoption

Having covered the planning and readiness phases in the first two webinars of the series, we turn our focus to the deployment and adoption phase. Now is when the rubber hits the road, so to speak. Get this wrong and the whole project can be in jeopardy, while your best made plans lay in ruin. This may seem a tad dramatic, it isn't - if you can't...

Webinars • Jun 2019 • ON-DEMAND

How to Ensure a Healthy UC Environment and Great User..

Today’s UC and collaboration environments are highly complex, often spread across multiple locations using multi-vendor technology.

During this seminar Martin Smith, Solutions Engineer at IR, will address the challenges of ensuring a reliable and healthy unified communications and collaboration environment under increasing complexity.  Explore how you can maximise a positive user experience for your customers and stakeholders - from inside out...

Webinars • Jul 2019 • 30 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Evaluating Skype for Business readiness - deeper dive

Skype for Business is transforming the UC landscape, but how can organizations effectively evaluate Microsoft's UC offering and the readiness of their own environment? This session will review UC assessment software in detail.

Webinars • Sep 2017 • 31 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Prognosis for UC Deminar

Join us for a demo of Prognosis for UC, hosted Dave Bottomley, Senior Solutions Engineer with IR who will also be taking live Q&A. To register simply click 'Attend' where you see the title slide of the presentation below.

Webinars • Sep 2017 • 32 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

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