Webinars • Jun 21, 2019 • ON-DEMAND

The Journey to Microsoft Teams III - Deployment and Adoption

IR Media

Published by IR Media


Having covered the planning and readiness phases in the first two webinars of the series, we turn our focus to the deployment and adoption phase. Now is when the rubber hits the road, so to speak. Get this wrong and the whole project can be in jeopardy, while your best made plans lay in ruin. This may seem a tad dramatic, it isn't - if you can't get your people using the new tools it is near impossible to realize ROI on a project of this scale.

Joshua Shoemaker, VP Technical Services and Operations at Enabling Technologies, will join this session to share first hand experiences on where organizations have managed this step successfully and some learning on where others have perhaps not got this right, including the implication to project timings and cost.

This will be an interactive session with questions throughout and a dedicated Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation. If you are managing, deploying or just thinking about Microsoft Teams, you do not want to miss this webinar.

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