UC Optimization for Pros (APAC timezone)

Presenter: Stephen Elliott, Director Marketing | Junaidy Laures, Senior Solutions Engineer

Webinars • Mar 2018 • 34 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Ensure Customer Experience Success with UC

Studies show that a bad customer experience can significantly damage the long term revenue potential of your client base, in particular customers are nine times more likely to vocalise a bad experience to other future clients. Thomas Pilz, Principal solutions strategist at IR discusses how you can protect your customer experience with pro-active performance monitoring of your UC ecosystem. Join us on April 5th at 9.30am to find out more.

Webinars • Apr 2018 • 40 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Prognosis for Service Provider Live Demo

Join us for a live Deminar (a demo webinar) on Prognosis for Service Provider, with a specific focus on Cisco capabilities. Hosted by Annie Leduc and Ed Brooks, this interactive demo session will highlight how Prognosis is helping Service Providers across the globe better manage their Cisco deployments and SLA's.

Webinars • Apr 2018 • 43 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

UC Deminar - APAC, Africa, Middle east, ANZ

Presenter: Sylvain Faure Senior solutions Engineer APAC, Africa, Middle East.

Webinars • Apr 2018 • 33 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Prognosis for UC Live Demo [May 2018]

Join us for a live demo of Prognosis for UC. Hosted by Dave Bottomley, a Senior Solutions Engineer, this session will take a specific look at Prognosis' Skype for Business and multi-vendor use cases..

Webinars • May 2018 • 41 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

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