How “ready” is your network?

A comprehensive network assessment is critical to Unified Communications deployments and upgrades

Unknown connection quality between premise sites and datacenters creates a risk of poor user satisfaction.

That’s why a comprehensive network assessment is critical to any UC deployment. Establishing consistent network quality and connectivity is crucial when deploying, expanding or optimizing your UC or collaboration solutions.

Simplify troubleshooting

Is your voice team spending too long troubleshooting?

Managing Cloud UC projects can be challenging. Quickly identify and troubleshoot network quality issues and ensure a positive user experience.

Deliver user satisfaction

Get quicker adoption

Delivering user satisfaction isn’t as simple as it sounds. Ensure network quality and connectivity, reduce downtime and address stubborn quality-of-experience problems with cloud UC solutions.


Time saving

Most of the time spent troubleshooting is on identifying the issue


Lower UCC operational costs


Increase in employee productivity

Proactive vs. Reactive

Avoid downtime and outages

Telindus didn’t have enough info to go deep and solve issues

Telindus had a lack of visibility on what was happening on the customer side; waiting for customers to report issues. The limited troubleshooting capability and prolonged time to troubleshoot made resolving issues difficult. Limited reports available cemented the issues.

Today Telindus use UC Assessor, Prognosis for UC (Service Provider Edition) for Cisco HCS, Skype for Business across 25,000 UC seats.

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We didn’t have enough info to go deep and solve issues. With Prognosis we have tons of comprehensive reports for our engineers and comprehendible reports for our customers

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Augustin Ramazani

Unified Collaboration Services @ Telindus


We save 2 hours every morning on our daily status reports alone. What used to be a manual sanity check from our engineers is
now automated by Prognosis.

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Augustin Ramazani

Unified Collaboration Services @ Telindus

Improve your Prognosis

Deliver a better customer experience, maximize efficiencies and optimize systems with our suite of performance management solutions for Unified Communications network assessment.

Prognosis for Unified Communications

Prognosis for UC is an enterprise experience and performance management solution for voice, video and collaboration ecosystems.

Whether your environment is on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, Prognosis for UC enables you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize complex UC environments with ease and deliver the best user experience possible.

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UC Assessor

UC Assessor is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based network readiness assessment and testing solution for premise-based UC or VoIP solutions.

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Prognosis can support a number of platforms. Commonly supported platforms include: