Why Prognosis for UC?

A guide to managing your Unified Communications environment

UC environments are complex and often involve multi-vendor technology. As complexity increases, visibility is reduced. Troubleshooting becomes lengthy and difficult, and systems’ availability is harder to identify.

IR Prognosis reduces this complexity, helping you manage your communications ecosystems to make sure your business and your customers have the best experience possible.

What used to be time consuming or even impossible becomes easy with the click of a button in Prognosis’ web-based UI.

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Top 5 reasons to use Prognosis

  • Proactive alerting: Know when issues occur and resolve them before they become business affecting.
  • Reduced troubleshooting time: Become more efficient when resolving issues.
  • One real-time dashboard view: Gain insight to voice and data across network layers, routers, session border controllers over multi-vendor technologies, and applications. No probes needed to gain 360° visibility into UC and Contact Center ecosystems.
  • Live Canvas: Allows fully customizable data visualizations. Your Data, Your Way – create dashboards and screens to visualize any information, including monitored systems, applications and relationships.
  • Skype for Business IT Pro Tools certified: A fully integrated solution for monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting all aspects of Skype for Business to optimize overall performance.
Prognosis dashboard

Key challenges in a UC environment

  • Is my voice and video up and running?
  • Are any elements down?
  • What is voice quality like?
  • Are users adopting our new technology?
  • How is the system being used, and are we collaborating in the best way?
  • What happened during our last outage, who did it impact and for how long?

Key benefits of Prognosis

Simplifies troubleshooting
Provides the granular data, analysis and historical information to assist in root cause analysis. Collects deep metrics using a variety of non-intrusive methods.

Creates intelligent alerts
Sends automated alerts to pro actively monitor UC ecosystems, giving you unparalleled visibility, actionable insights, proactive notifications, and root cause analysis.

It’s fully customizable
Provides a performance management solution that shows the information required in the way that is most appropriate for the customer/user in a unified view.

Optimizes performance
Correlates historical and live in-flight call data and network performance to deliver a complete end-to-end view of your environment for a superior quality user experience.

Displays data the way you want to see it
Live Canvas brings to life performance management data for UC, Contact Center and Payments environments. Visual representations are based on specific business goals and operational objectives.

Supports multiple vendors and technologies Monitors all aspects of UC and Contac Center communications and interactions across network paths, hardware, SBCs, CTI, PBX, web services, applications and entire multi-vendor ecosystems.

Case Study

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