Spot patterns. And stop problems in their tracks.

  • INDUSTRY: Financial services
  • PROBLEM: No monitoring for Avaya or Cisco UC environments and virtualized servers
  • CHALLENGE: Gain unified insight across entire UC ecosystem infrastructure
  • SOLUTION: Prognosis for UC - multi vendor support

The problem

This blended Avaya and Cisco UC environment deployed globally across virtual machines was unusual.

The user experience was not being actively managed, and problems were brought to IT staff’s attention by the users themselves.

This made users disgruntled, and the lack of visibility into their problems made it very difficult for support staff to prevent issues becoming entrenched. They simply could not see the big picture or the small details that can have such an impact on the quality of the users’ experience.

In some instances users were reverting to other means of communication meaning that projected cost savings were not being realized.

As a result the CTO instructed his team to deliver greater value to his customers - the business units, and shift from a reactive to a proactive mode of operation.

The solution

The team needed to run a proof of concept to identify issues in the communications infrastructure so it could reduce outages, improve user experience and be primed for action rather than wait for reaction.

Based on the lower hardware requirements of Prognosis compared with others, the company chose it to provide deep insight to the Cisco and Avaya communications ecosystems and the multi-vendor infrastructure that enables it.

Prognosis also offered additional key value through insight and reporting on firmware, and a strong track record in managing Cisco UC for 15 years and Avaya for nine.

Add in true end-to-end multivendor support incorporating other vendors’ devices like session border controllers, routers and virtual machines, and the team saw value from day one.

The solution incorporates core enterprise UC management, IM and Presence availability and real-time performance management for physical and virtual Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments and their associated application stacks.

The benefits

The IT team has been able to customize Prognosis to suit its requirements exactly. Being able to increase or decrease the amount of data collected based on specific needs is invaluable.

If an issue arises they use the on-line reports for forensic purposes, capturing information in a highly granular format so it can be summarized and trends established.

If on the other hand they need a higher level view of overall voice quality, availability and performance, they can capture information at longer intervals to establish weekly, monthly or yearly trends.

Additionally the ability to refine the conditions that trigger alerts and the information contained within them is invaluable, ensuring individual team members only receive information that is relevant to them and can aid issue resolution.

Summary level information gives them an immediate performance summary so they can quickly identify issues and check for inconsistencies.

With Prognosis in place IT support staff no longer have to wait for users to let them know there’s a problem. Now if a problem threatens, staff can start working on the cause as soon as Prognosis alerts them.

They have the opportunity to rectify it or switch to a back up plan so that users are not even aware the quality of their experience was at risk.