Head in the Cloud. Feet on the ground with Prognosis.

  • INDUSTRY: Life insurance and financial services
  • PROBLEM: Current UC monitoring tool does not monitor virtual machines
  • CHALLENGE: Gain insight beyond the immediate Cisco ecosystem
  • SOLUTION: Prognosis for UC
  • BENEFITS: A real time end to end infrastructure view

The problem

With nearly one million life insurance policies and revenues of €24 billion, accurate, reliable, trusted data and communications are critical to this financial services day-to-day business.

With much of its communications infrastructure reliant on virtual machines, if problems occurred it was impossible to identify the cause because there was no insight beyond the PBX.

Problems could occur in virtualized servers, session border controllers and network devices, and staff didn’t have the insight they needed to focus their attention, resources and budget in the right place.

Much time was wasted fumbling in the dark and not always finding the answer.

Some problems reoccurred sporadically over several months because the root cause was never accurately identified and addressed.

The solution

This company chose Prognosis to provide deep insight to the Cisco communications infrastructure and the multi-vendor environment that enables it.

The solution incorporates core enterprise UC management, IM and Presence availability, and real-time performance management for physical and virtual Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments and their associated application stacks.

The benefits

For the first time unified management of the complex virtualized multi-vendor environment was possible and staff could make smart decisions at the right time.

The solution delivers:

  • Reduced mean time to repair due to quicker issue resolution times.
  • Deeper metrics into communications devices and visibility into additional key elements such as session border controllers.
  • Forensic analysis to prevent issues re-occurring by using advanced playback capabilities to correlate symptoms with their root cause.
  • Proactive insight to create a more effective early warning system through customized thresholds and alerts.
  • Customized alerting capabilities to pro-actively prevent minor issues from becoming major outages.
  • Capacity planning capabilities to achieve better precision in infrastructure investments through reporting on resource utilization, availability and SLA attainment.
  • Flexible virtual machine monitoring to enable calibration of the types and intervals of data collected.

IT staff can calibrate ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’ data collection types with information currency to suit their exact information architecture requirements.

The most significant benefit has been the insight and the ability to improve the user experience through deep drill down to individual network metrics across all users.

This provides insight to the health and performance of devices like clusters, phones, PSTN and IP trunks, routes, UCS, UCC as well as connectivity via gateways and SBCs everywhere, delivering a true end-to-end infrastructure view.