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  • INDUSTRY: Life Sciences and biotechnology
  • PROBLEM: Voice quality issues during global conferences
  • CHALLENGE: To resolve long-standing, hard to find problems across multiple
    vendors’ devices
  • SOLUTION: Prognosis for UC
  • BENEFITS: Identified problems in record time across Avaya and Cisco

The problem

With almost 10,000 employees spread across 37 countries and nearly a million and a half customers, achieving high quality communications for this leading hitech company is critical.

Understanding the latest chemical regulations and safety data is always a challenge, but it’s imperative to a safe and compliant environment.

So with conference calls discussing complex scientific terminology, standards labeling, clinical diagnostics, hazards handling and therapeutic drug research, there was no room for errors.

But conferencing was a mess. It was unpredictable and voice quality was at times unintelligible.

Isolating calls within Avaya Aura® conferencing became critical as executives experienced major challenges during global calls. A solution had to be found.

The solution

Engineers used Prognosis to isolate the problem conference calls within the Avaya environment, as well as looking deeply into the Cisco devices.

Immediately, ‘hop by hop’ they could see where the problems were occurring. They could see the busiest and the worst network hops together with in-flight voice quality while calls were in progress.

All the poor quality calls filtered to the top and staff could identify their commonality, from the location to the gateway and board.

Most importantly, the granularity of the call details allowed them to see right down to the model of the device and its firmware version; the codec in use and impairments like latency, packet loss and jitter across the actual network path.

Now the engineers were able to identify the issues and get the insight they needed to fix the problems.

They worked with the responsible business owners and vendors to confirm who was responsible for troubleshooting.

Prognosis gave them insight into user experience that they’d never had previously.

The benefits

This leading-edge company now uses the end-to-end user experience metrics in Prognosis Voice Quality 360 to manage its multi-vendor environment.

Regardless of the number of vendor systems or hops a call takes, Prognosis seamlessly combines historical and real-time information so staff can get to the root cause of problems fast.

With unmatched granularity on the screen and in reports across all devices supporting Avaya conferencing, through session border controllers and Cisco network devices, staff have the insight they need to focus their attention, resources and budget in exactly the right place.

Skype for Business

With traditional PBX systems now on notice since Microsoft announced Skype for Business in November 2014, this company like thousands of others is looking to use it to boost productivity without increasing costs.

Prognosis brings the same level of insight to Skype for Business conferences as to Avaya Aura Conferencing.

Staff can determine where in a call degradation occurs and quickly view other calls experiencing issues at the same time.

They can cross reference with network cause data to get to the root cause of issue.

Prognosis brings a thousand points of reference into a single point of view, bringing insight and control to complex, multi-vendor, multitechnology environments.