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Prognosis monitors and troubleshoots unified communications ecosystems, payments hubs and contact center infrastructure. Prognosis monitors everything in one place and joins the dots together, so you don’t have to, allowing your IT Operations and Network teams to troubleshoot problems fast and easily, from end-to-end and in one place.

Faster resolution time: proactive intelligent alerts, real-time single view dashboards, prescriptive analytics and more, all help dramatically cut down the mean time to resolve (MTTR) critical issues.

Avoid costly outages: identify problems before they before they cause disruption and become customer affecting. Prognosis makes sure small inconveniences don’t become big problems.

Full visibility: unlike vendor management tools, the Prognosis experience management solution covers end-to-end; across multiple vendors, networks and systems. This allows users to see where a problem exists across their entire ecosystem, rather than jumping from one vendor tool, to the next.

Fully customizable solution: you know your systems better than anyone, that’s why Prognosis lets you build the dashboards you want, to show the information you need.

Improved experience: not just for your customers, but for your staff too; since problems are solved before they exist your customers are never cut off and your team are never slowed down.

Prognosis is designed for large enterprises who need real-time visibility to help network teams troubleshoot and monitor issues in their critical unified communication and/or payment systems. Typical Prognosis customers include Service Providers, enterprise UC environment, contact centers or a payments hub.

Prognosis has been proven to save organizations money, with a quick time to realize ROI. It does this by resolving issues before they become system-affecting, avoiding downtime and maintaining employee/customer satisfaction.

The price of the installation depends primarily on which Prognosis modules you require, the size of the environment to be managed and if any professional services are required. As no two installations are the same, it is best to speak with one of our Solutions Specialists to better understand what pricing will look like for your organization.

You can find all the customer support contact details here: Contact Support, or login to the support portal here: Support Portal.

We also have a great online community of users here: Prognosis Online.

Prognosis uses script based self-discovering installation process. It can be installed in a matter of days.

You can book a tailored demo with a member of our team here: Prognosis demo

Due to the unique requirements to get Prognosis running in each environment, we aren't able to offer a free trial version.

Prognosis for UC supports Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, Sonus, AudioCodes, Polycom, Alcatel Lucent, Oracle Communications and more. Click here for a full comprehensive list of all supported platforms.

Prognosis for Payments supports ACI, FIS and other API systems.

Prognosis for Contact Center supports Cisco, Avaya, Verint, Nice and more.

Prognosis for Infrastructure supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Virtual I/O Server, NonStop, Database and many more.

IR Prognosis is the leading global provider of experience management solutions for critical unified communications, payments, contact centers and IT infrastructure.

More than 1000 enterprise organizations in over 60 countries—including some of the world’s largest banks, airlines and telecommunication companies rely on IR Prognosis to provide business critical insights and ensure continuity-critical systems deliver high availability and performance for millions of their customers across the globe.

Over 125 of the S&P 500 Index companies use Prognosis. And 5 of the 6 of the largest global UC Service Providers use Prognosis.

  • 15+ million UC endpoints are managed by Prognosis globally
  • Cisco Certified Management Solution
  • Avaya Sponsored & Recommended solution
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Certified and Recommended in Skype Operations Framework
  • Multiple 300K+ UC user deployments

Prognosis can be delivered from the cloud, on-premises or using a hybrid approach. A hybrid solution takes advantage of the on-premises infrastructure already fine-tuned by Prognosis and successfully connects with our UCaaS products.

Yes, Prognosis allows for simple to complex threshold configuration that, when met, can activate an email/text (or SNMP) message.

IR offers varying levels of training on Prognosis; from beginner user to comprehensive advanced technical users. Click here to find out more:

The IR Prognosis Summit offers a great opportunity to get training from experts at a fraction of the cost, find out more here

The next IR Prognosis Summit is taking place on October 18-20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Click here for all the details:

Prognosis CRA (Call Recording Assurance) ensures that your call recording system records all calls you need to be recorded, by law. CRA checks whether the files your call recording system delivers are providing the audible call recording required to be compliant.

Click here for more information on Prognosis CRA.

IR Testing Solutions provides cloud-based end-to-end, automated testing as a service. Testing Solutions enable you to identify that your systems are delivering the easy-to-use customer experience you intended.

Click here for more information on IR Testing Solutions.

StressTest is a cloud-based, load and performance testing service that gives you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance.

Click here for more information on StressTest.

Prognosis HeartBeat is a cloud-based testing service for outside-in contact center quality management. HeartBeat periodically tests your UC systems e.g. every 5 minutes, to ensure everything is running as intended. It completely removes the need for, and associated costs of, manual testing.

Click here for more information on HeartBeat.