Unified Communications Proactive Alerting

Avoid Outages, Analyze Root Causes and Take Corrective Action

Proactive alerting puts your organization in control: be aware sooner, respond faster, solve UC performance issues before they become customer facing.

Detect problems earlier, manage problems more efficiently. Proactive alerting helps avoid outages.

Use proactive alerting to get to the root cause. Forget patchwork: fix the problem at the core. 

Prognosis helps you respond to issues faster, so you can prevent outages and get back to doing what you do best. 

A Suite of Analytics for UC Performance Management

Our job is to monitor your unified communications systems and tell you when somethings up. But we do much more than that.

  • We tell you when things went wrong – Descriptive Analytics
  • We tell you when things might go wrong – Predictive Analytics
  • We tell you which actions you can take and which action you should take - Prescriptive Analytics.
  • We tell you how to automate the fixes, and then we automate themCognitive Automation
  • Why do we use all these different types of analytics? Because one set of analytics simply isn’t enough.

Automate Routine Tasks

Routine troubleshooting, checks and fixes. Couldn’t a robot do those jobs? 

Prognosis for UC automates the routine tasks that slows your team down (and makes them yawn).

Your Team wants to be Proactive, not Reactive

No team wants to firefight all the time.

Empower your team to move out of the reactive danger zone by getting early warning signals through proactive alerts. Bypass the flames instead of getting caught in them: game-changing? We think so.

Meet SLA's: Save Money

Your word is important, your customers value it. Keep your word.

Meeting SLAs saves companies millions of dollars each year. Make sure small problems don’t become big ones means with Prognosis. Take our word, it will help you meet your customer SLAs.

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