Unified Communications

Plan, Deploy and Migrate

Maximize your success in deployment, upgrades, and migrations of critical UC solutions across vendor platforms and between on-premises and cloud.

Plan, Deploy and Migrate

If your UC migration or deployment has stalled or failed because you’re experiencing poor quality you need to take action fast to bring it back on track.

If the quality of the user experience with the new system is lower than the old, a shadow IT budget may be taking shape as users find alternate solutions that drive up organizational costs. All this means that the longer deployment takes, the further away your projected ROI and the costs of keeping multiple systems operating during the transition mount.

Prognosis enables you to measure and manage the quality of experience from one platform to another and removes the headache of deploying, upgrading or migrating critical UC solutions across multi-vendor platforms.

It does this by offering vital insights to capacity, network bandwidth and other applications’ behavior. Comprehensive outside and inside testing solutions help assess networks and systems to identify potential problems before your users and customer experience is impacted.

Deployment and migration pre-assessment

Deployment and migration pre-assessment capabilities mean IT teams can test the internal network, as well as connectivity to the Office 365 cloud and automatically assess the infrastructure’s capacity and performance. This enables them to detect potential issues in the performance of voice, video and desktop sharing and resolve them before migrating to a cloud or hybrid environment.

Comprehensive user experience management

Prognosis provides end to end insight across systems, networks and infrastructure, all correlated in a single connected view. It streamlines management of audio, video, web meetings and calls and operations of complex UC solutions in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment.

Broad multi-vendor coverage

With broad multi-vendor coverage across many vendors’ UC solutions and infrastructure, Prognosis provides extensive UC specific network troubleshooting with deep support for SBCs and gateways. This means you can identify and resolve problems on calls and meetings that begin and end on different platforms.

Probe-less deployment and data gathering

As a lightweight software-only solution Prognosis enables simplified and timely installation without the need for network probes. End-to-end call monitoring and reporting gives you valuable performance insight across your entire UC system and network with live in-flight and historical audio and video calls and online meetings.

Comprehensive & integrated security

Prognosis’ comprehensive security model helps you manage access to sensitive systems and user data with SAML 2.0 single-sign-on, 2-factor authentication, AD and LDAP integration, role based access control, and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

This helps streamline your transition by using the login authentication already in place. You can easily switch between applications without requiring multiple logins, and Prognosis capabilities are secured by role-based user id.

Leveraging enterprise authentication mechanisms allows smoother linking between Prognosis and other applications like Office 365.


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