Unified Communications

Maximize Usage and Adoption

A comprehensive set of UC performance management and troubleshooting capabilities streamlines troubleshooting and helps solve problems at the root cause.

Maximize Usage and Adoption

Delight end-users with a great UC experience

If your users lack confidence in your ability to provide them with reliable and quality UC, opportunities to leverage your investment in innovative ways won’t be realized.

And as it can take a long time to find the root cause of the problem extended ‘down time’ can affect their productivity and cause high levels of dissatisfaction. 

This means it’s vital to respond to user issues with quick problem identification that leads to real solutions fast.

In this way you can prevent the all too familiar shadow IT budget emerging which increases organizational costs rather than driving them towards achieving your proejcted ROI.

You need a circuit breaker; a way to improve things so you delight end-users with a great UC experience. 

Comprehensive user experience management

Prognosis helps you deliver effective communications and collaboration that works for you, not against you.

No longer will you be in the dark, receiving calls from frustrated and disappointed users, and fast losing their perception as a strategic partner in the business.

Prognosis will help you improve organizational productivity, optimize costs and maximize ROI through adoption, usage, and user satisfaction.

You’ll be back in the driver’s seat helping to speed innovation and productivity, and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Integrated outside-in testing services

The combination of testing and monitoring delivers vital information about what factors are impacting the users’ experience. But testing on its own can only show that an interaction succeeded or failed. There is no insight to why the interaction failed.

This is where the integration with Prognosis delivers the rich supporting details, allowing for significantly faster problem resolution.

Ongoing testing solution verifies your system is delivering the expected customer experience.

This level of insight means you can proactively optimize UC system performance to deliver the highest quality voice and video calls and meetings and drive expanded use of UC as a cost saving and productivity enhancing solution.

Operate and troubleshoot your entire multivendor UC system with confidence

Make sense of all the information your UC solutions provide to gather intelligent, actionable information about user behavior, usage patterns, and overall satisfaction. Diagnose problems at all levels from the network to the endpoints and identify the root-cause quickly to maximize uptime and minimize user impact.

You can understand adoption and usage trends and identify solutions to help expand the uptake of your investment in UC.


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