Unified Communications Call Quality Troubleshooting

Quality of Service / End user experience

Great end user experience: always-on. Easier said than done?

With Prognosis, it is as easy to “do”, as say. Troubleshooting call quality is what we “do”. Quick and easy troubleshooting means faster resolution time and high QoS, high QoS means happy customers, and employees!

Troubleshooting Across the Network Stack

Prognosis troubleshoots UC call quality issues throughout the network stack: Wi-Fi and LAN, cloud, on-premises and hybrid and troubleshooting PBX.

Wi-Fi vs. LAN

  • Is your Wi-Fi working? Prognosis can check if it is.
  • Is it your LAN connection? We can check that too.

Finding UC Problems in the Cloud, On-Premises and Hybrid 

  • Hybrid is in our DNA, we don’t have favorites.
  • Prognosis allows you to quickly and easily troubleshoot UC issues in the cloud, on-premises or both.

Troubleshooting PBX

  • When it comes to VoIP blips in the radar can be caused by local PBX or the network. The Prognosis radar includes both.

Testing Call Quality, Latency, Jitter, MOS, Packet loss

  • Anyone can troubleshoot UC call quality issues. Prognosis makes light work of the job by separating out latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS on each call. You can dive as deep into the data as you like and you can test each call quality metric too.

Reporting on Call Quality Metrics

Reporting on call quality metrics is easy for us. We make it easy for you too. We design beautiful call quality dashboards, you press the ‘on’ button. 

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