Unified Communications Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing

You wouldn’t get on an airplane that hadn’t been properly tested. Would you be willing to risk your business on an untested system? Every second you talk to your customers counts.

Things happen. Testing shines a light on what’s fallen through the cracks. 

Network Assessment

The slickest sports car won’t hide potholes on a roadway. The performance of a UC system works the same way: a top of range platform won’t deliver on a patchy network.

Network assessment spells out your network capacity, bandwidth, priorities and rerouting paths, meaning you can prove benchmarks and pinpoint weak points. 

Prognosis UC Assessor is an innovative, software-based solution for automated network assessment. No probes. 

Network health check

Customize your network health check dashboards in Prognosis for UC to include: IVR testing, customer experience alerts, PBX testing, network assessment.

Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment Testing 

We can’t stop the world from changing. But we can control how we handle change. 

Pre-deployment tests prove benchmarks and highlight weak points. So you can make informed decisions on what exposed areas to bolster prior to deployment and know where you need to stand afterwards.

Post deployment tests give you the peace of mind that everything is singing in tune.

Mechanics of UC Performance Testing 

Which UC performance assessments and tests should you choose?

Network assessments? Customer experience alerts? Stress tests? IVR load test? When it comes to UC testing you name it we have it. 

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