Prognosis for Payments
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solution

IR Prognosis a Payments management solution keeps you up to date with all the latest payments technologies. Adopt and adapt to manage new services without affecting your current technology.


Your payments under your control

See your entire payments environment like never before. Identify trends in real time and take action. See your entire Payment Transactions technology environment from one point of view. Predict capacity overloads before the cracks start to show. Fast.

Payments Management
Payments Troubleshooting

Less risk. More peace of mind.

Beat fraud and stay compliant. IR Prognosis helps you respond to issues faster, so you can prevent outages and get back to doing what you do best.

Optimize your payments.

Get the insights you need to improve performance and productivity. See your entire Payment Transaction technology environment from one point of view and optimize systems and networks to run their best.

Payments Monitoring

Payment Transactions Management Solution

Get the insights you need to improve performance and productivity

IR Prognosis brings deep visibility to your entire payments environment like never before with a detailed view inside and beyond your payments hub.

A complete view of your payments environment, boosted with in-depth intelligence and tools means you can pro-actively optimize your entire payments environment to improve customer experience, innovate rapidly, minimize risk and increase profitability.

A single view of multi-payment channels means you can get to your problems before they get to your customers. Whether you’re an issuer, processor, retailer or acquirer, IR Prognosis provides more power behind every payment.

Reduce transaction costs, and increase revenue with new payments initiatives

The historical data IR Prognosis provides allows you to do more than just avoid past problems. You can be proactive in your planning through insight to usage and growth patterns across multiple payments channels.

You can see where customers are buying and the most popular payments channels. This means you can innovate with solutions like mobile and social payments to cross-sell and attract new customers, all of which improve profitability.

Improve compliance and customer satisfaction

IR Prognosis brings peace of mind that you’re complying with standards. Deep insight to inter-connected technologies and channels across ATM, branches, online, PoS and more removes the guesswork around compliance.

With a single language and a 360° real-time view, combined with sophisticated analytics and reporting gives you the power to make better payment decisions.

Ensure payments fraud is handled quickly and correctly

With the rapid change in the payments industry, you face new competitors and regulatory challenges as well as the ever increasing risk of fraud. Increased visibility into your payments environment gives you the insight you need to meet requirements as they change.

And you can give fraudsters a run for their money too. A single view lets you combat many types of fraud including transfers, checking, cards, ATM and POS, regardless of where they occur.

Powerful network visualization, data drill-downs and investigation tools help you analyze suspicious activities and make an immediate response.

Manage your entire payments environment – anytime, anywhere

When it comes to responding to issues, every second counts. Now you can stay informed anytime, anywhere with IR Prognosis First Responder. This mobile app. allows you to securely receive, prioritize and forward alerts, and take immediate action to fix issues while on the move.

A unified view promotes faster and more focused cross-team collaboration, enabling you to increase investigator efficiency.

And with intelligent alerts and service automation you can predict trouble before it starts, and even avoid it all together.

Start delivering value almost immediately

Because IR Prognosis provides information as it happens, you can spot patterns and stop problems in their tracks. And with help finding the needle in the haystack quickly, there is minimal delay in analyzing trends, all of which help you get back to normal faster.