Intelligent Alerts and Automation

Alert Notifications and Automation with IR Prognosis Performance Management

Whatever business you’re in, goals include making money, keeping a lid on costs and streamlining processes along the way. Problems can occur anywhere in your business but when it comes to IT, you won’t have to go looking because problems with your technology tend to come to you.

However, while it may be obvious that an IT problem has occurred, rarely is it immediately clear what’s gone wrong or where in the system it’s happening. If this is conjuring memories of teams animatedly pointing fingers at each other, you’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be great to have performance management in place with an automated alert notification system that warned your IT department instantly of any problems, anywhere within your infrastructure? One where alert conditions are ready to go but can easily be customized for your needs?

This is exactly what Prognosis is, and this is what it can do for your business:

  • Automation for alert notifications: Prognosis will alert your IT teams when system, user, application and process loads are approaching thresholds set by you. They won’t have to search for knock on effects, because Prognosis automatically gives you this information and takes IT staff directly to the appropriate dashboard so that the problem can be visualized and a fix put in place without delay.
  • Automation for problem resolution: Even better, Prognosis can escalate the issue if the recipients of the alert notifications do not respond. This means that warnings are not ignored, but are acted upon as soon as possible.  Under predefined circumstances Prognosis can take corrective action to rectify the problem, notify your IT team and report on the outcome.

Prognosis encompasses the full range of performance management and intelligent alert notification capabilities you need to compete in a real-time world with real-time problems that demand real-time solutions.

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Prognosis gives you the insight your organization needs to ensure that your systems are running efficiently with the data and metrics you need to make proactive operational and business decisions with ease and is designed to grow effortlessly with your business.

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