Prognosis is built for enterprises and service providers

  • Monitor and troubleshoot issues in real-time, before they become catastrophic
  • Optimize IT operations and reduce operating costs
  • Increase employee and customer experience and satisfaction

Prognosis is the leading experience management solution for enterprise unified communications ecosystems, payments hubs, contact centers and IT infrastructure. It proactively monitors and troubleshoots these business-critical systems to ensure they are always running.

Large enterprises who require real-time visibility into their critical unified communication and payment systems, use Prognosis to enable network teams to troubleshoot and monitor issues, before they become catastrophic. It reduces operating costs while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

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Key product features


Find out what’s wrong, and why. 

Troubleshooting unified communications ecosystems, payments hubs, contact centers and IT infrastructure is what we “do”. 

Prognosis allows your IT Operations and Network teams to dig deep to find the root cause of a problem. With Prognosis, they can troubleshoot issues like ninjas; from end-to-end, across multiple vendors. Meaning faster resolution time and higher QoS.

Network Monitoring


It’s easier to solve problems you can see. Monitor your unified communications ecosystem, contact centers and payments hubs, from end-to-end, in one view. 

Empower your team to see where the network is impacting the experience of your employees and customers. Let them take control of network performance through clear visibility and efficient capacity. Have a great customer experience, every time. 

Proactive Alerting

Proactive alerting puts your organization in control: be aware sooner, respond faster, solve performance issues before they become customer facing. We deliver a full suite of analytics, because one set isn’t enough. Proactive alerting prevents outages and allows you to get back to what you do best.

Make sure small problems don’t become big ones and meet SLAs through proactive alerting.

Analytics & Reporting
Pro-active Alerting

Analytics & Reporting

Prognosis de-ices your windscreen and rear-view mirror to give you the visibility to see what’s going on in your environment; historically, in real-time and in the future.

Prognosis gives you the reports and analytics to gain insights; spot abnormalities, trace patterns and find the root cause of issues. See and solve across multiple vendors; ACI, FIS, Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, HP and many more in one view.

No more driving blind, waiting for a sudden jolt, to know you’ve crashed.

Assessment and Testing

You wouldn’t get on an airplane that hadn’t been properly tested. Would you be willing to risk your business on an untested system?

Customer experience matters – make sure you deliver the customer experience you intend.

Things happen. Testing shines a light on what’s fallen through the cracks.

Network assessment spells out your network capacity, bandwidth, priorities and rerouting paths, meaning you can prove benchmarks and pinpoint weak points. 

Assessment and Testing


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