IR Connect Award Categories

IR Connect logoInnovation Award
The Innovation Award recognizes companies using IR solutions in unique ways to drive increased visibility and value for their business.

Business Impact Award
Can you quantify how much time and/or money IR's solutions have saved your business? The Business Impact Award is given to companies that are at the forefront of using IR solutions to deliver quantifiable value to their business.

Complexity Simplified Award
The Prognosis platform can connect to many different systems. This award recognizes companies that have successfully used Prognosis as the Single Pane of Glass providing insight into many different interconnected environments.

Testing 1-2-3 Award
UC and CC environments are invariably complex, with many different vendor solutions working side by side or deeply integrated. The Testing 1-2-3 award recognizes the most notable utilization of IR Testing Solutions to provide a business impact, by identifying and preventing issues before they arise.

Five 9sAward
The Five 9s Award recognizes companies that are using IR solutions to make systems work better, respond to issues faster, prevent outages and get back to doing what they do best.

Transaction OptimizationAward
The Transaction Optimization Award recognizes companies that use IR solutions to proactively optimize their payments environments.

ConnectIR Award
This award goes to an individual who has acted as a community champion and posted frequent, high-value content to the IR Community. 


IR Connect Awards Entry

Are you interested in nominating your company for an Award at IR Connect? These prestigious awards recognize IR customers who are enabling or driving meaningful outcomes at their companies with IR Solutions