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SOFTEL and IR: Meeting stringent SLAs with an agile partnership

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An IR Partner since 2018, SOFTEL are experts at delivering cloud micro service enterprise applications, creatively advancing corporate telephony and collaboration and customer experience solutions that support a growing business's needs.

SOFTEL recommends, implements, and supports on-premise and through cloud services for customer experience solutions, contact center platforms, office productivity solutions and unified communications channels.

They provide multi-vendor support for voice, multi-media, and emerging channels such as IoT, data sciences, and telemedicine/telehealth.

Meeting stringent SLAs

“We've been using IR for a lot of our strategic customers, especially in the state and local government [sector]. We have customers that have very stringent SLAs and we've been using IR very successfully within these customers,” said Palwinder Singh, Microsoft Practice lead at SOFTEL.

“We have a large agency that migrated to an SD-WAN solution and all of a sudden, they started having some issues. Because we had so tight SLAs, there was no way for us to identify the root cause without IR.

“Using IR, we were able to identify that the issue was because at the network level, the media was not being prioritized properly end-to-end. And also, the routing was not working as expected… we were able to mitigate the issue within two afternoons, for the entire agency,” Palwinder added.

Looking to the future

“I am definitely looking forward to the future products from an IR portfolio, especially around collaboration meeting rooms, in addition to complex telephony where we've been leveraging IR very, very successfully,” said Palwinder.

“[We are] looking forward to continuing this partnership.”

IR Collaborate

As SOFTEL attests, with IR Collaborate you can meet SLAs with ease. Ensure customer satisfaction with high uptime, a superior quality of service, and the reporting and evidence to back it up.

IR Collaborate can help you simplify the complexity and confidently manage a growing customer base, giving you the comprehensive insight you need to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead of the competition.

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