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Prognosis helps IT Services Hungary keep communications flowing across the country.

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IT Services Hungary was engaged to monitor systems for Hungary’s official telecommunications carrier, Magyar Telekom.

To achieve this Operations Manager Csaba Érsek explains “We needed real-time performance monitoring to manage the custom-application environment running on our NonStop machines.

“Before we used Prognosis we were trying to manage the environment with various stand-alone monitoring tools, but the information was captured in individual log files, creating information silos.”

A common language enables effective communications

Prognosis was deployed to monitor application and system performance and bring diverse sources of information together. Through its customizable interface, the IT teams can quickly see if a component breaches thresholds with graphical alerts.

And as Prognosis readily integrates with enterprise management systems, staff can also view messages within their Manager of Managers, HP OpenView.

Plus, Prognosis assimilates with existing support processes, team structures and tools to optimize fault detection and escalation procedures.

Insightful and Effective

Prognosis has proved to be vital for understanding how well operations are running.

Situated in the local control center, it provides 24x7 monitoring of the computers operated by IT Services Hungary.

It also continuously monitors the test NonStop system, and is used for administering NonStop databases.

Csaba Érsek confirms the importance of Prognosis in maintaining operations: “Prognosis allows us to react much more quickly than before and alerts us to a problem before the user does.

“The monitoring it provides is much more sophisticated than we had previously, and reduces the length of outages. We are able to predict future problems better by understanding past trends.”

The ability to analyze past events and trends and recommend or automate actions is a key benefit of Prognosis.

For example if you always take a certain action, like running a command when a specific alert triggers you can instruct Prognosis to do that for you.

It will let you know that the alert has triggered and run the command. In this way you can maintain business continuity but also be aware an issue has occurred and been addressed.

Rapid response to issues

Completely customizable alerts sent via email or texts have improved efficiency and helped Csaba Érsek’s team to meet service level agreements.

The customizable schedules allow the right people to be contacted at the right time, and alerts escalated as necessary until a problem is resolved.

Csaba Érsek adds “Although we’d developed in-house monitoring tools using macros, these could only measure performance, not send alerts or escalate problem management.

Prognosis’ alarm function alerts us to problems in real time so we can escalate and resolve issues more quickly. This has resulted in decreased penalties incurred through system outages such as disk or overloaded CPU resources.”

Fast time to value

Csaba Érsek and his team are now able to do more with less. For example, they can address many problems automatically, such as lowering priority for certain predefined processes using special trigger conditions.

As a result, Prognosis has reduced the operating cost of supporting diverse platforms and custom-built systems. And because of its small footprint and ease of deployment, the platform delivered benefits from day one.

“Prognosis alerts us to problems in real time so we can escalate and resolve issues more quickly.”

Csaba Érsek,
Operations Manager IT Services Hungary.

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