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Prognosis ensures every day runs smoothly for Cegedim

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With worldwide operations in 80 countries spanning five continents and with over 8,200 employees, the IT staff at Cegedim needs to ensure high quality global communications services for its staff, call centers, and help desks.

In this case study Dan Maniu, Telecom Manager IT Architecture for the Americas, explains some of the challenges he experienced before using Prognosis, and how Prognosis helped him solve them.

Maniu explains “We provide communications services in 12 locations across the US, Canada and Latin America, including IP telephony, conferencing and Webex.

Before deploying Prognosis we found that even with refined troubleshooting processes and network tools it was very difficult for us to identify where and why UC performance issues started.

The challenges

This was because Maniu’s existing configuration, network monitoring and event-driven alerts did not deliver the deep diagnostics, alerting and extensive reporting of aspects that affected the users’ quality of experience. This lack of insight also meant it took more resources to address and resolve problems.

Maniu added “Addressing issues meant that our support ratio architecture was affected because Level 3 support spent time fixing day-to-day issues which took them away from strategic projects. We worked somewhat ‘blindly’, based only on feelings.”

This resulted in longer troubleshooting times, longer partial or total IP phone outages and frequent disagreements between network and telecom teams. There was both business risk and financial impact.

The solution

Maniu first heard of Prognosis at Avaya TechTalks, which are monthly in-person, interactive roundtables led by Avaya engineering experts.

He chose Prognosis to monitor communications in all the US ocations comprising more than 1,200 administrative phones and over 350 contact center phones.

Prognosis also helped him analyze, re-design and implement dedicated VoIP VLans. This was particularly useful during the installation of new Avaya equipment in Latin America to identify and solve issues as well as fine-tune local VoIP networks.

He was able to identify internal network issues and adjust the parameters to ensure the smooth transit of voice traffic and ensure it did not encounter unacceptable levels of jitter, delay or packet loss. The separation of voice and data ensured a smooth deployment of new UC technologies.

Improved troubleshooting

Maniu’s real time and historical insight to UC performance gives him the ability to ensure continuous quality delivery. This was illustrated recently when Prognosis identified deterioration of network connectivity (using MPLS technologies) between US and overseas in record time.

This meant that vital information could be provided to the carrier and subsequently validate the carrier’s actions.

Proactive insight

Prognosis runs 24 x 7 in the operations center and tailor-made thresholds monitor system health against operational conditions. Alert conditions are fine-tuned so that administrators do not receive alert floods, and incorporate scheduled peaks, troughs and outages.

Any deviation from normal parameters identified in an early phase may be adjusted in record time, avoiding expensive outages. Maniu is enthusiastic about this capability and added “This has really helped reduce operating costs.”

Maniu’s team uses the information supplied through the alerts to analyze VoIP issues first and then for troubleshooting and resolution processes when correlated with other systems.

Enhanced visibility

Using Prognosis, Cegidem has gained much needed and detailed visibility into the VoIP network and enhanced the teams’ abilities to quickly troubleshoot system problems. Now IT staff can point the finger at the problem not each other!

In Summary

Maniu concludes “If my nontechnical CEO asked me how I would describe what Prognosis enables me to do for my business; I would say ‘Prognosis for the voice team is like a fine optical device used in delicate eye or brain surgery.’

I don’t imagine my day to day activity without Prognosis.

Prognosis for the voice team is like a fine optical device used in delicate surgery.

Dan Maniu,
Telecom Manager, IT Architecture for the Americas

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